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Download Google Earth APK for Android (Latest 2018)

 Download Google Earth APK Developer: Google LLC
OS: Android
License: Freeware
Size: 11MB

Google Earth is one of the most ambitious projects carried out by Google, in this case developed by the company Keyhole, Inc. By relying on air observation and satellite capture with super high accuracy, Google strives to see the world more clearly and share it with users to share knowledge and benefit from business use.

By relying on internet connections Google Earth provides detailed information to its users. Google Earth users will be given the impression that the world is in his hands. Google Earth users can find out all information about the earth's surface in just seconds, of course with a stable connection.

Use of Google Earth APK

In the latest development Google Earth provides features about virutal holidays, where you can find out various locations both urban and rural like mountains as virtual tourist destinations, because with Google Earth you can not only see 2-dimensional photos.

 Download Google Earth APK

Display Google Earth APK

Google Earth provides a 3-dimensional screen display which you can control as if you are walking in the location you want.

Features that you can use on the Google Earth application:

  1. View images of various locations in the past, on Google Earth services you can view the location of the image in the past before updating the Google Earth folder every year.
  2. Measuring the record k from a particular location, using Google Earth you can measure the distance from your current location to the destination location, or from a specific location to the destination location.
  3. Layer Menu, By using Google Earth you can enjoy traveling on earth without fear of getting lost. You can also enjoy city lights from NASA and so on.
  4. Enjoying Guide Tours, on Google Earth services are available features of tour guides who give information about certain tourist locations.
  5. Using Google Earth Offline, If You often use Google Earth services, you can use the Google Earth offline feature to save resources you have, just download the location you want to use forever.

Patently, Google Earth is actually installed on android devices like Maps applications , but for full features you can download pure Google Earth.

Most android users use the Google Earth feature to find the direction of the road, find the exact location and find a way out when not knowing the direction. Google Earth relies heavily on GPS devices installed on Android, so that when you want to run the Google Earth application, the GPS feature must be activated first.

Download Google Earth APK

The ultimate goal in the most recent development what Google does to the Google Earth application is to provide information on various kinds of tourist locations virtually. Even now Google Earth has provided special features for virtual reality devices, so you can enjoy various kinds of tourist locations directly in front of your eyes. Display location that is presented in the form of a 3-dimensional display with the help of a Gyroscope sensor.


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