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Double Crystal Treatment – JAGOAN CODE

First impression is fascinating would be the hope of every human being. for that facial appearance that became one of the main representations of self must be well preserved. do not panic first, when the problem whack the skin area of ​​the face. Now a variety of advanced and safe maintenance techniques can help overcome them. Below are a variety of treatment options that suit your skin's faculties and needs.


  • Microdermabrasion technology skin problems such as uneven surface or skin tone filtering to help reduce the appearance of enlarged skin pores. The tool that is used is a combination of Dental abrasion gentel with a special technology that also lifts dead skin cells.
  • Treatment of microdermabrasion crystals with multiple-choice properties will maximize the appearance of the dream skin. Beginning with peeling mask to help lift dead skin cells and minimize the appearance of black spots.
  • To help soften and brighten the skin of crystal powder with Nue Skin tool will be used continuously with oxygen spray throughout the face. This is to help stimulate skin tissue.
  • Further to help improve the production of collagen and kill the bacteria the skin will be on the rays with high frequency mechin.
  • At the end of treatment whitening peel off Mask containing Coral Sea will be applied to get skin which is more luminous.

Stem Cell Therapy Needle – Mouniche salon & SPA, Rp.1.500.000 * / 2 times treatment. (120 Minutes)

  • Treatment of stem Cell needle solution to disguise scars caused by acne scars or due to chicken pox.
  • The stem cell process begins with the application of serum placenta-based sheep to all faces believed to repair skin tissue damaged and gave birth to new skin especially on the scar part
  • The facial pores can then rest for 20 minutes with a mask.


House of skinovation Rp.895.000 * (120 Minutes)

  • This red light therapy is recommended for treating acne on oily and dry skin.
  • Dead skin cells are first removed by applying peeling sage.
  • Then normalized skin oils by applying toner . To flatten the skin tone and brighten the dull skin the skin is given a mask of sage extract. Before facial irradiation with chromotherapy
  • The final stage of mask with cotton fibers is applied to reduce skin sensitivity and steam-fed with steam to maximally absorb the mask


Duraskin Rp.650.000 * (60 minutes)

  • Oxyplast treatment is effective for improving the texture of large porous skin by relying on pure oxygen to improve the function of skin cells
  • Beginning with spraying pure oxygen and Rose water to facilitate the circulation of blood helps the regeneration of cells and eliminates toxins Due to pollution and free radicals on the skin
  • Followed by a duraplus action using phototherapy where light energy irradiation is performed for activate the skin cell tissue in the epidermal layer. At this time is expected collagen stimulation to return to work in the process of skin tightening. In the last stage of skin smeared vitamin C mask nutritious and shrink pores.


CBC Beauty Center, Rp. 115.000 * (60 min)

  • The use of serum from Cranberries extract in this treatment is useful to moisturize and brighten facial skin to the deepest layer.
  • After cleansing Papa zone is fixed face steam fed with steam to open the pores of the skin for the process of removal dirt with vacuum and suction tool Una or a tool to remove acne easily done
  • After clean skin smeared soothing gel to reduce redness. Serum extract of Cranberries containing alpha arbutin and vitamin C is then applied to the entire face while massaged.
  • Further biomesosculpture tool is moved on the entire face to accelerate absorption of serum active substances in the skin. This process can stimulate the skin to produce collagen. The last stage is to close the open pore with the application of the coffee mask is silenced for 15 minutes.


WRP Diet Center Rp.1.500.000 * ( 90 Minutes)

  • Facial treatment with Hydra dermabrasion technique that incorporates an exfoliating cleanser removal process and an increase in moisture content. The sensation that you feel when doing this treatment is the coolness of water vapor without pain compared to the usual results method.
  • This treatment is suitable for those of you who have oily skin or as skin rejuvenation or skin rejuvenation and anti aging or inhibits aging.
  • After cleansed face in massage slowly to accelerate blood circulation. Furthermore the face is vaporized to open the pores of the skin while the 4TM active serum that nourishes during the treatment will be applied using a special tool.
  • 4TM active serum It contains lactic acid glucosamine and plant extracts that help to soften impurities and dead skin cells to facilitate the process of removal plus nourish the skin.
  • The process continues with dermabrasion to help cleanse and remove dead skin cells with abrasion and water mechanical techniques. After the serum is reapplied treatment ends with a face mask.

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