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Door Details Pictures of Autocad File Dwg Work

Door details are a very important item especially in a job dress. In the modern era, wooden frames are rarely used. But at the door, people often prefer to use wood motifs. In the previous article the admin shared the details of the complete door also with the details of the door frame, but the first model with the second was different. But the same is made from wood as the main element. In addition, the size of the first model door is slightly wider than the door that admin will share. If friends haven't seen the article sharing before about the model and type of door first, then please look at the following article:

Read Article: Door and Door Frame Details Autocad File Dwg

As we know the types of doors are very diverse once. And the ingredients used sometimes also vary. From the past until now for the door category there were still a lot of wood door or wood door panels. The door is an important icon of a house. Sometimes interior design often matches doors with a general perspective view of the house. Moreover, the house is minimalist. If placed with the wrong door model it will not match. Well, usually in the working drawings, the shared door is usually used by the admin for the door in the living room or the door at the back of the shop. But you can modify this door with your heart's content. Until you get the model you want.

The file that will be shared is already in the shape of dwg. So this file can be downloaded directly to your computer. And can be opened directly using the autocad application. In other words, the file that admin will share is just a matter of receipt. Now for the form of photos and pictures you can see in the following screenshot:

Detail Door Image of Autocad File Dwg

Now for curious friends who want to download the file just download via the link below:

Download Details door Image of Work Autocad File Dwg

File Size: 4.7 MB

Via Google Drive

So this file sharing, oh yeah, if you want to request an image file please just contact the admin via the admin contact form and if there are questions around this autocad world, just ask questions in the comments column, friends. Thank you and thank you: D


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