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Disney+ Currently Won’t Work On Linux Systems Due To Tightened DRM


For those hoping that the Disney+ streaming service would work on Linux in conjunction with a modern web browser, sadly that is not set to be the case. While the likes of Netflix and Hulu can play from Linux desktop web browsers, Disney’s tightened Digital Rights Management around their new service doesn’t allow for Linux support with current browsers.

Disney+ is Disney’s long talked about video on-demand streaming service that will officially launch next month in the US, Canada, The Netherlands, and other markets. Well known open-source/Linux developer Hans de Goede has been part of the test circle for the platform and sadly it does not bode well for Linux users.

Trying to access Disney+ from Firefox and Chrome on Linux just yields an “Error Code 83” that ultimately comes down to “Platform verification status incompatible with security level.”

This Disney+ failure happens while the likes of Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu work fine due to a difference in their Widevine handling. Linux browsers (as well as some Android devices) only support Widevine Level 1 while Disney+ requires the highest level security features thereby blocking out the support. Hans did contact Disney over the issue one month ago to no resolution.

More details for those interested on Hans’ blog.

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