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Disk Drill, Data Recovery Software for Windows & Mac

Disk Drill Data Recovery Software – Have you ever experienced a problem that made the data in your storage media lost? Of course this is not something that might not happen to every user. All possibilities can happen, intentionally or unintentionally. In fact, not infrequently, we who have the maximum level of caution can still be affected by this calamity.

The good news, now there are many tools on the internet that are provided specifically to deal with this problem, one of which is Disk Drill Data Recovery Software . We can use this tool to dig and retrieve our data that has been erased from the storage media, whether deleted on purpose or accidentally.

The thing to note is that sometimes the data we can retrieve is imperfect or not in its original condition. This goes back to what we have done in our storage media after the data has been erased . Because of this storage media, the abundance of data that has been stored is ever-increasing, more and more we have done to storage media.

How it works Disk Drill

To operate this tool is quite easy, no special expertise is needed. To put it simply, we only scan storage that we want to dig and retrieve data, after completion we can retrieve data that appears from the scanning process.

For example in this example we will retrieve data from internal storge Drive E. Then we can select Drive E, then in method there is an option All Recovery Methods, Quick Scan (will scan briefly and process faster) , or Deep Scan (will do in-depth scanning and take longer to process). When finished, just click on the button Search for lose data to start the scanning process.

If we can see the results as shown below. The storage conditions that I use are still new, so not much data has been extracted, because there hasn't been much data deleted.

If we can select the data that we will recover by giving a checklist and clicking the Recovery button, then determine the location for hold the data.

If it is finished we can check the results at the location that was specified earlier.

Very easy, just a few simple steps, we can take more data that was erased.

We can also scan for external storage we simply connect the storage with the computer, then we will read on the tools external storage that we have connected. Do the same thing to do data recovery on the storage.

Extra Data Protection Feature

I think this feature is quite useful. This feature works to store all meta data in the form of folders, files, and location of files in the storage on our computer. If you activate it, it will start to record record all the metadata, so that when there is a problem of data deletion, it doesn't take long to recover data, complete with file names and locations.

These tools available for Windows and Mac users. You can download the links Windows and Mac .

Please note, these tools have free and Pro versions. For the free version, we are limited to only 500MB of data that we can take. If we feel that our data is too much to want recovery we can buy the pro version on the page that I have shared the link earlier.


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