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Differences in Web Developers and Web Programmers that are often mistaken

The development of technology for humanity has truly been felt. Not
how many applications and software have been created from the times
until now. Maybe you ever wondered who that person is
creating this application and software?

In technology and
information about the many professions needed to produce one
program. For people who are still lay, if there are people who work in the world
technology and information are always associated with programmers. Even though it's a programmer
itself there are still other parts. For example, programmers and developers.

As with the differences between software and applications until now there are still people who cannot distinguish between web programmers and web developers. In order not to be confused about the difference, following the review below.

Web Programmer

From an understanding point, the programmer is the person who writes a code to make a program both application and software. In general, people who can write the codes of a program can be said to be a programmer.

In another sense, programmers can also be said to be someone who made program codes from the first time they were made. In the context of a web programmer, the understanding is someone who codes for programs related to creating a website.

Web Developer

Literally a developer is someone who develops, builds, makes things. If connected with the world of technology and information, then the meaning of the developer is someone or a group of people who build, develop, and make an application or a software.

In the context of a web developer, the meaning is someone or a group of people who develop a website to be feasible to be an application that is ready to be launched.

Web Programmer

Tasks of a web
The programmer is able to write program codes that will be used later
on a web. The program codes must function properly
when there is a user or user who will use the website. The web
programmers must really pay attention to the functions that exist in the web
such as the functions of buttons, menus, links, and synchronization with the base
data, and things related to the interaction between websites
with users.

Web Developer

Tasks from web developers
is a bridge from the sources needed by the website
is being made. For example, create a database, manage the website domain, and also
change the face of the website to be more dynamic. Therefore, when a web site
already ready to use from the display, database, and also
ease of website, the task of web developers is considered complete.

  • Program language mastery

Web Programmer


Web Developer

Program languages ​​that must be mastered by a web developer are also not much different from web programmers. In general, web developers know at least the types of popular basic programming . Examples include Java, PHP, MySQL, ASP, and Python. Because basically a web developer is an "Upgrade" version of a web programmer.

Web Programmer

If we look from the side
complexity and other aspects, web programmers are far more "fast"
the process. Because, as mentioned in the second point. Web programmer
focus more on the functioning of the functions on the website. Therefore,
users or users can run services that are inside

Web Developer

Jik is seen from the side of the task
charged, the time needed by the web developer is much longer
compared to web programmers. Because, web developers must pay attention
many aspects from design to the website is really ready
used by users or users. That is, when assignments from experts
others have finished, the web developer must mix the work of experts
to form a website according to demand.

That is the difference between web programmers and web developers. Although it looks the same because it has the same final task, namely the creation of a website that will be used by users, but still each profession has their respective duties.

You can imagine if a website is only done by one person. Apart from the time it will take very long, even websites that are created will not necessarily be good. You need to understand if everyone has advantages and disadvantages of each. A web developer is not necessarily an expert in designing a web. Although the web developer must also pay attention in terms of appearance, however, for matters of beautifying a website display, there is already a part, namely web design.

If you are interested in becoming a deeper web programmer and web developer, you can learn at university majoring in informatics engineering . If the lecture is quite burdensome, you can also take courses or training on web developers and web programmers or self-taught from the internet. Why do you need to study this profession? Because, the profession of web programmers and web developers is the most desirable IT work today.


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