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Differences in RAM and ROM on a Computer / Cellphone [LENGKAP]

When discussing a computer, we often hear a term RAM and ROM. These two things you certainly hear often and also do not understand what the difference is.

Generally people know these two things together a memory that can store a number of data. Is the bigger a computer the faster it will operate?

The main difference between RAM and ROM is in terms of storage. RAM does storage with data that is always changing. While the ROM storage on data that does not change.

To find out the other differences regarding RAM and ROM, you can see it in the article below. Because this article will explain what are the differences between RAM and ROM.

Differences in RAM and ROM

 Differences in RAM and ROM

Before knowing what are the differences between RAM and ROM, you must first know what understanding of these two things.

RAM stands for Random Access Memory . Where RAM is memory that can be written and can also be read. RAM in general can be used to store a number of data or is also often mentioned with data memory when doing programs that are working.

Data contained in in RAM will later disappear if in one power the RAM is turned off , which RAM can only be used to store a number of data temporarily.

RAM is also a memory to store data, where the contents in it can be deleted or changed. A RAM generally contains a number of data from variables and also registers.

Data that has been stored in RAM has a volatile or missing nature. If a power that is connected to it is turned off or disconnected.

While ROM is an abbreviation of Read Only Memory. ROM is a type of memory that can only be read and will not be able to be loaded with files or data. To be able to carry out a process in charging data, then what must be done is to use a special process.

 Differences in RAM and ROM on Computers

RAM and ROM have several differences. The following are the differences between RAM and ROM:

  1. RAM requires an electric current to be able to run a virgin, for example, such as when a computer wants to be turned on or turned on. Meanwhile, the ROM will be able to keep storing a number of data without the existence of an electric current. For example, such as when the computer has been turned off, then the data stored in ROM will not disappear.
  2. Another difference from RAM and ROM is that RAM is a type of memory in which data contained in RAM is not stored permanently. For example, when you have shut down a computer, the data that has been stored in RAM will be lost or deleted. Whereas on ROM is a type of memory that the data will be permanently stored. For example, when you turn off a computer, the memory inside will not be lost or erased.
  3. The third difference between RAM and ROM is that a chip on a ROM can generally be used to be able to process start-up on a computer, whereas in RAM chips are generally only used in normal operation when running a computer or laptop after entering the loading process in the operating system.
  4. When running data using a chip on ROM generally through a slow process, whereas when run a data using a RAM chip generally through a very fast process. A chip in RAM can generally store as much memory as a gigabyte. Whereas on ROM chips generally only can store some memory of Megabytes of data units up to 4 MB or more in the perchip.

Examples that can be seen from ROM are in computer BIOS, chips derived from PROM are generally used to store programming. needed to be able to start from a computer or laptop process.

Chips on ROM can also generally be used to be able to run a game program such as in game boy games, Nintendo, Segagenesis and other games. Games such as the game cartridge can generally store a game in the form of a ROM chip. And usually found on a chip that can be read by a game console when the cartridge has been inserted in the console.

While the type of media which is the oldest type of ROM has been found in 1932. Media ROM is a type of storage that is currently still being used and will continue to be improved to improve a performance in it and also the capacity in storage.

Meanwhile in RAM can also be used on the device of a computer to be able to run a program and store information in our laptops or computers . Examples are seen when we are running a program contained on a computer or laptop, such as when we do searches on the internet, and other activities.

While on a RAM chip, information and data that has been stored can later disappear on when the computer shuts down. Another common type of ROM chip is a BIOS application which has a very important role when running a hardware test and powering up.

How it Works RAM and ROM

 RAM and ROM

Same with the understanding, ROM or Read Only Memory, then a conclusion can be drawn from the working principle of ROM contained in a computer device that is very simple. An owner of the computer can enter a number of data which is usually in the form of a factory default software into a ROM chip.

And then the data contained in a ROM will be stored permanently and cannot be erased into a output device . What you need to know is that you cannot change the contents of the software in ROM, and also the ROM can only be filled once only during use.

Thus the article discusses the difference between RAM and ROM and how they work. Hopefully this article can be useful for you and broaden your horizons.


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