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Differences in Data and Information According to Its Characteristics (Complete)

Hearing the word "data and information" is a familiar word to us. Because data and information are synonymous with computers, laptops, androids and in daily life too often.

But when asked what exactly is data and information? are they the same or different? Maybe not many people know about it.

Don't worry, because the article below will discuss the notions of data and information and their differences. So let's look carefully, OK!

Understanding Data and Information

Before discussing the difference between data and information, first discuss the understanding, yes.

1. Understanding Data

 Data and Information Differences

If you have done research then you are already familiar with the word data and how to process the data using technological methods or tools. The term data is often found in several fields of science such as statistics, computers and also extra.

Data is raw facts or details of an event that has never been processed / changed (real), which sometimes can not be accepted by the mind of the recipient of data . Therefore the data must be processed first so that it becomes information so that it can be well received by the recipient.

Data can be numbers, symbols, characters, sounds, images or signs that can be used to become information ] An information can change its function into data, if the information is used again in the processing of further information systems. In the computer world, data is everything that is stored in memory based on a specific format.

Example of data:

  • Fire at the Bintaro Moderm market
  • Medan 1 High School won the Science Olympiad
  • Earthquake occurred in Padang [19659013] A soccer team wins

Now, after seeing an example of the data, it can be concluded the characteristics or characteristics of the data:

  • Data derived from several single data forms, data compiled based on the facts of an event, both from interviews or observation (observation).
  • Data does not have meaning before it is properly processed.
  • Cannot be used as valid evidence or concrete evidence of an event if it has not been processed properly.

2. Understanding Information

 Data and Information Differences

Information is the result of data processing that can be accepted by the mind of the recipient of information, so that it can be used to make a decision. Information can be in the form of analysis results, combined results, the results of inferences and the results of the processing of information systems computerized .

In processing data to be informative information can be done in the following ways:

  • Processing data using statistical methods (usually used in social science)
  • Processing data by analyzing and comparing theories and other supporting facts.
  • Processing data using computer aids (computerized methods). For example, making a report, doing calculations, etc.

Example information:

  • There was a fire at the Modern Bintaro market on Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 19.42 WIB, the fire could be extinguished at 03.20 WIB. There were no fatalities in the fire but the losses suffered by the shop owners reached billions of rupiah. The cause of the fire was due to an electrical short circuit.
  • Medan 1 High School won the ASIA Science Olympiad in Kuala Lumpur on August 10, 2019.
  • There was an earthquake of 7.1 on the Richter Scale in Padang at 17.16 WIB. The exact location is off the coast of West Sumatra, about 50 Km northwest of the city of Padang.
  • In the match 2018 FIFA World Cup held at the Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia, on July 15, 2018, between clubs French and Croatian football ended with a score of 4: 2 which was won by France.

Based on the example information above, it can be concluded the characteristics and characteristics of the information:

  • It is data that has been processed by certain methods and techniques.
  • Already informative, and useful
  • Able to explain information, answer hypotheses and belief in an event.
  • Requires special abilities in data processing so as to produce information, such as critical thinking, analytical skills, statistical abilities , and the ability in terms of logic.

Differences in Data and Information

1. Data is more likely to be a brief explanation of an event or an idea of ​​an event that has not been able to explain clearly and in detail about an event or activity, so that the data cannot be used in making decisions.

While information has become an idea that can be explained clearly clear about an event because it has been processed from data obtained, so that information can be used to make decisions.

2. Data sometimes cannot be accepted by the mind so that it cannot be used by the recipient, while information can be received by the mind of the recipient and has been useful so that it can be used.

3. Data is generally technical in nature and has a detailed scope while information is an explanation that can be used in making decisions. For example: sales data in a restaurant is a raw explanation, whereas sales information data for a certain period, for example monthly, can be used by managers to make further decisions.

4. Data can be in the form of numbers, symbols, characters, sounds, pictures, details, facts, and all interviews and observations of an event. While the information analysis results, the combined results, the results of inference and the results of processing of computerized information systems or processors with various other techniques so that it becomes useful information.

5. Data in general can not be understood by ordinary people, while information is easier to understand without needing to ask other people.

Thus the contents of the article about differences in data and information, hopefully by reading this article you who previously did not know the differences in detail about the data and information can add to your horizons huh! Hope it is useful.


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