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Detail Stone Foundation Kali Autocad File Dwg

There are lots of models and shapes of the foundation of a building's house. From the foot plate foundation, the pile footprints and the most famous are river stone foundations or foundations for residential houses. Now this stone foundation is often made with various models depending on demand and needs. The details of this foundation are useful for completing part of the drawing of a building's work. So that someone who reads or sees a picture can clearly understand what foundation the house owner wants to use. Usually this foundation is used for very simple house buildings or residential buildings only 1 floor.
If friends want to use it for the foundation of a multi-storey house structure then you have to do or remodel some of the components contained in it. As we know the foundation is part of the structure of a building that is located at the bottom. So that all kinds of loads when a building is built rests on the foundation. For this reason, the foundation is taken into account before starting to plan other components. Because if the foundation does not match the needs. Very dangerous. Because it can trigger the collapse of a building because of this trivial matter.

Now on the image foundation that admin will share, there may be a lot of errors. All of this is to be understood. Because the purpose of the admin here is only to share files so that friends can easily download them directly to your computer. And can quickly modify existing images to be complete and correct. If friends see an error please make improvements. Because here the admin is also still in the learning stage. Even the admin has never attended school in the civil or architectural engineering department.

For the sake of developing a sense of curiosity. Admin is determined to post all the works that the admin has learned to the public so that they can be directly corrected by civil engineering masters. Heheee Now here are some pictures or screenshots about the details of the stone foundation this time.

Detail Foundation of Batu Kali Autocad File Dwg

 Details of Batu Kali Foundation Dwg Autocad "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 509 "data -original-width = "807" height = "402" src = "https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-9EOIw2_oV4M/XJ20hE_5cII/AAAAAAAAFbs/RiMrxqNH9HYPf3sMARVL32fZaBzD0IkQQCLcBGAs/s640/Detail%2BPondasi%2BBatu%2BKali%2BAutocad%2BFile % 2BDwg.png "title =" Details of Stone Foundation Kali Autocad File Dwg "width =" 640 "/> </div>
 Okay friends if you feel the heart is solid and then want to download the file then just open the file via the following link:</p>
<b><span style= File Size: 5.3 MB

Via Google Drive

Thus sharing and sharing these files can hopefully be useful for all friends. That's all and thank you


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