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Detail of Working Floor Patterns Autocad Dwg

Floor work is one of the jobs that exist in making a building. The floor is not separated from one component that must be planned and then worked on. Well for the model and type of floor itself very much. The floor work itself has various types, from ceramic floor work to cast floors or concrete rebates. The floor itself must meet certain special criteria, one of which also functions as a load restraint. For the floor also covers all the rooms.

On this occasion the admin will try to share a little about the snippet file or floor details. Which is adapted from several floor plan patterns in residential buildings. Or a simple house. If friends are confused about how to make detailed floor patterns for a building. So you can make this picture a reference or necessity as a reference for work drawings or even to complete all the work drawing plans that you are making.

For the model and it seems very simple itself. You can understand it first and then draw a conclusion to immediately download the file on your laptop. Well for all my friends who are curious about how to open it, please please see the screenshots of the details of the floor pattern for this house

Detail Working Floor Pattern Autocad Dwg

 Details Floor pattern Image Autocad Dwg "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 513 "data-original-width =" 767 "height =" 428 "src =" https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-f-iR2cPRl0M/XKBATo4UkrI/AAAAAAAAFcI/dhiLK3peEAIVXSFDspXuEtuUCZuK7poEQCLcBGAs/ s640 / Detail% 2Bola% 2Base% 2B Picture% 2BAutocad% 2BDwg.png "title =" Details Floor pattern Dwg Autocad Image "width =" 640 "/> </div>
 Okay friends if you think you understand the picture above. to download the file immediately, please just file the file directly through the admin link shared below:</p>
<b><span style= File Size: 5.7MB

Via Google Drive

Hope you remember the picture above is an image of some references that I took from the internet then admin modif as clear and detailed as possible to make friends and memhaminya clearly. That is what the admin can say today, especially the admin, sorry. See you at the next file sharing: D


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