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Dell stuffs Coffee Lake CPUs and Ubuntu Linux into latest Precision workstations

Dell stuffs Coffee Lake CPUs into its latest and Ubuntu-powered Precision workstations

Dell gives its Precision workstations some Ubuntu love

DELL HAS REFRESHED its range of Precision laptops to come rocking the latest Ubuntu take on Linux and Intel’s eight-generation Coffee lake chips.

The entry-level Dell Precision 3530 workstation will ship with Ubuntu Linux 16.04 and comes with Intel’s Core i5-8400H processor, though more powerful Coffee lake generation chips are available for more cash. There’s also the option to upgrade from onboard integrated graphics to a Nvidia’s Quadro P600 GPU.

Other Ubuntu-sporting laptops in Dell’s Precision range are also set to get a refresh, which should appeal to developers after a powerful platform on which to create software upon.

The Dell Precision 7530 and 7730 mobile workstations will have ‘Developer Edition’ models, with Cofee Lake chips paired with either Nvidia or AMD graphics and larger 15in and 17in displays, giving developers more screen space to ogle code and commands.

All of these biz-focussed lappys can also be specced with Intel Xeon processors to give them more enterprise-grade power. Storage can be topped up to 8TB in the larger 7730 machine, which should be enough storage for devs who love to horde code and sample versions of their apps and software.

Thunderbolt 3 connectivity is also present and correct, so users can daisy-chain multiple multiple 4K monitors together to view code like they’re in The Matrix or some early noughties hacker movie.

This is not the first time Dell has plonked Ubuntu onto its laptops. It started such a programme with Project Sputnik at the end of 2012 in which it released a developer edition of the company’s svelte XPS 13 laptop. The XPS 13 was recently refreshed for 2018 and now sports a slick white colour option and also has an updated version running Ubuntu for Linux.

Apparently, a demand for Ubuntu devices has prompted Dell to make more of them, further broadening the hardware giant’s already large product base, which is good for buyers but not so great for tech journalists trying to track all the devices Dell whacks out. µ


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