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Definitions, Functions, Objectives, Examples [LENGKAP]

Definition of Politics

Do you know what is meant by politics? The political term we often encounter in our daily lives. Understanding of politics itself is a process of formation and also the happiness of power that exists in society, which is a process of making a decision, such as in a country.

Understanding politics is also often interpreted as a science or art to be able to gain power, can be in a constitutional or non-constitutional manner. While the etymological understanding of politics is taken from Greek, namely Policy which means a city state. The use of the term is further developed, such as:

  • Polities which means citizen
  • Politikos which means citizenship
  • Politike Episteme which means political science
  • Politicia which has the meaning of state government

When viewed further from the original word, the political understanding is an activity that exists in a political or state system, and concerns the determination of the objectives of a system and how to reach the goal.

 Understanding of Politics is

In order to better understand what is meant by politics, you can refer to political understanding according to some experts below. The following is a political understanding according to some experts:

Roger F. Soltau thinks that the notion of politics is a study of the State of 1945 the purpose of the State, and also the institutions within that State later it will carry out these objectives and the relationship between the State and its citizens or citizens as well as relations with other countries.

Sri Sumantri thinks that the notion of politics is an institution in human relations institutionalized in various political bodies, for example the political superstructure and also political infrastructure.

Kartini Kartolo assumed that the notion of politics is an activity of behavior or a process that uses power to be able to enforce regulations and also legitimate and valid decisions in people's lives.

Carl Schmidt thinks that the understanding of politics is the world in which there is more people who will make decisions in abstract institutions.

Joyce Mitchell considers that the notion of politics is a collective decision making or general policy making for a society as a whole.

6. According to Andrew Heywood

Andrew Heywood thinks that the notion of politics is an activity in a country that has the purpose of making, maintaining and amending all general regulations that can regulate its life, it means that it will not be separated from the symptoms of conflict and cooperation. [19659018] Political Function

 Political Function

The main functions of politics in a country are in general as follows:

Political Objectives

 Political Purposes

Political goals can actually be judged from the political understanding as explained above. But for more details the following are general political objectives [1945955] that you need to know:

Examples of Politics in Indonesia

 Examples of Politics in Indonesia

In politics there are actually several kinds of political systems. An example of a political system is like liberalism and democratic politics. Next Examples of politics in Indonesia which are viewed from various political systems:

1. Examples of Politics of Liberalism

Before knowing the example of the politics of liberalism, you must know in advance what is meant by the political system of liberalism. This political system strongly emphasizes the freedom and independence of each individual. This is in accordance with the meaning of liberalism which means free from persecution, rape, and also slavery.

Examples of the application of the politics of liberalism in Indonesia have actually been written in history, namely on 17 August 1950 – 5 July 1959. At that time, Indonesia has used a provisional law to become a constitution.

After the proclamation, social and political life was still dominated by the war against the colonialists from the Netherlands and Britain. Which at that time they wanted to try to colonize Indonesia again. This period was also marked by the instability of government in Indonesia.

And Indonesia began to adopt a system called the liberal democratic system in 1950 and implemented multi-party politics. Regulations from the government at that time were also accounted for by the council of ministers to parliament. This flow is a form of early adoption of ideology in liberalism within a political system in Indonesia.

2. Examples of Democratic Politics

The politics of democracy has been applied to all political systems in Indonesia in order to become the most important principle for all people and their representatives to be able to express their own aspirations in order to build a better government.

Examples of democratic politics, namely the holding of ELECTION (General Election), where the community has a very important role in determining and choosing its leaders.

Thus is the discussion of the understanding of politics and the most important components contained therein. Hopefully this article can be useful and can add to your insight.


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