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Definition, Techniques & Rules (Complete)

Definition of Reject Bullets

 Definition of Reject Bullets Is

Reject bullets is one sport that uses an iron ball as its main medium. Where this iron ball must be thrown as far as possible from the throwing point to the landing point. Of course this shot put has rules and techniques that have been set. And not everyone can do shot put, considering the impact that might occur if an athlete makes the wrong move.

To do shot put can be indoors or outdoors. Someone who wants to be a shot put athlete must have a body weight with a minimum that has been determined.

Uniquely until now no one has been able to break the record of shot put at a distance of 25 meters. So from the beginning until now the shot put athletes are only capable of throwing iron balls with a distance of less than 25 meters.

History of Refuse of Bullets

 History of Refuse of Bullets At first the shot put was called throwing weights or weight trowing where this opinion was expressed by Homer. The emergence of the shot put sport itself has been a long time even since the days of Ancient Greece. Where once was not a ball of iron that is used as a shot put media. However, a lump of stone with a predetermined weight.

Unfortunately there are no historical records that explain precisely the shape and type of load used on shot put. In essence the sport of shot put was first used as a type of war training by Trojan troops at the time . Until along with its development a number of shot put started, though not yet officially held.

One of the shot put competitions for which data was held was held in the first century in Scotland. In addition, in the 16th century, King Henry VIII also held a shot put in England. But in this match the name is throwing weights and hammer throwing. One of the matches that is very close to the form of shot put sport is a match that was held in the middle era.

Where the competition was held by the military and participated by the soldiers. The rules of the competition are that the soldiers must throw the iron ball as far as possible from the starting point. While the first shot shot competition was successfully immortalized was the competition at the British Amateur Championships held in 1866 in Scotland.

Then from the match in Scotland this shot put sport began to be known by the public in European countries at large. Even in the modern Greek Olympics in 1896, the sport of shot put started in official competition. From this point, many countries also began using shotgun sports, including the State of Indonesia.

Basic Techniques and Bulletproof Styles

 Definition of Bulletproof and Its Basic Techniques The basic techniques of shot put, namely: [19659014] 1. Glide Reject Technique (Glide)

The glide force repellent technique requires your bada to face behind and back towards the ball landing sector. Then the weight is held in the right hand and attaches the weight to the neck. So you could say if the position of the head tilted to the right by adjusting the position of the load. Then the body position slightly bent down with leaning to the right side so that the left shoulder is higher.

Then the right leg is bent slightly with the aim of energizing the repulsion. While the left foot is placed behind in a straight or bent position and the toe touches the floor. Furthermore, when going to do 180º glide, the body is leaned slightly forward until the tip of the left foot can be lifted off the floor. Then the right foot repulses and the left foot pushes up to the boundary throwing beam.

When throwing a bullet, the body position simultaneously rotates towards the front then the right hand does the repulsion of the bullet as hard as possible. When the right hand starts to repulse, move the head so that it does not block the speed of the bullet that leads to the landing sector. However, if the athlete is left-handed, then what is done is to move using parts of the body opposite but in the same way.

2. Spin Reject Technique Spin (Spinning) Technique

In the beginning the body position is the same as the glide force. Then the position of the two feet is initially positioned parallel. Then in the first movement, the left foot is used as a pedestal so that the right foot can be swung into the center of the circle. Swing your right foot towards the center area of ​​the circle so that the final result of the position of the right leg is still facing away from the landing area and ready to become a shaft.

Before the right foot reaches the center of the circle, the left foot which was originally a shaft is now lifted and swung in a circular motion so that the right foot is the one who role becomes the final axis. The left foot will be tread behind the right and parallel foot. with less shoulder length. While the position of the body turns slightly oblique toward the side-back.

After the left leg falls, the body is immediately faced forward along with the right hand repulsion with full force towards the front with and followed by turning the heel, knee, hip and chest to the front direction to provide additional thrust. Then after the bullet was thrown, the possibility of the body is still spinning as a result of energy released .

Sports shot put has three styles, namely:

1. The Classical Style (Side)

The classical style belongs to the oldest shot put style and it is still unknown who the inventor is. In this style the athlete uses the sideways prefix, the athlete faces sideways in the ready position. Then the bullet is first held with two hands, the right hand supports the bullet over the shoulder, and the left hand holds the top bullet. Then the bullet is thrown with the right hand.

2. Glide Style (Glide)

While the first glide style was made in 1951 and was first used by Parry O'Brien from the United States. In this style the athlete makes a half-round first before throwing bullets. First, the athlete faces backward, then pushes his body towards the back then immediately faces forward and throws a bullet.

3. Spin Style (Spinning

The inventor of the spin force was Aleksandr Baryshnikov from Russia in 1972. At first the athlete would make a 360º spin. The spin force became the most difficult force in a shot put. If only a few athletes made a mistake in a spin, then the result of repulsion can fail.

Rules for Refusing Bullets

 Definition of Refuse Bullets and the Regulations While the regulations in shot put are:

  1. Athletes may enter the circle of repulsion from any direction.
  2. Athletes reject bullets have 60 seconds to complete the match after their name is called.
  3. Athletes may not wear gloves, but can still wear finger joint protectors (taping) during the match.
  4. Athletes must hold bullets using their necks during their movements to repulsion
  5. Bullets must be leveled using one hand that is higher than the shoulder.
  6. Athletes may only shoot do repulsion in the circle only.
  7. The bullet must land on the provided landing sector sector (34.92º).
  8. Athletes must leave the circle after throwing only by passing the side of the circle at the back.
  9. Athletes may leave the circle provided after the bullet landed.

That's all the discussion about the definition of shot put along with the basic techniques and sports shot put rules that need to be known. Hopefully useful and easy to understand!


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