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Definition of STATISTICS: Usability, Benefits, Examples [LENGKAP]

Definition of Statistics

Do you know what the meaning of statistics is? Definition of Statistics is a collection of data that has the form of numbers and can be arranged in the form of tables or diagrams, where the contents can explain specific problems.

Statistics themselves mean a group of methods and rules about collection, analysis, processing, and also interpretation of data on numbers that will explain a data or the results of observations. Viewed from the origin, Stastik is taken from Latin, namely status, which has the meaning of the state or something that has a connection with the state.

Statistics are usually also widely used in a study in several fields, for example manufacturing , economy, business, supply, and so on. From these statistics will also get a conclusion that will make it easier for us to be able to make decisions.

 Definition of Statistics is

To be able to better understand what is meant by statistics, you can refer to the statistical sense according to some existing experts below this. The following is a statistical understanding according to some experts :

1. According to Anderson and Bancroft

Anderson and Bancroft thought that the notion of statistics was an art and the science of development and also a very effective method for collecting, tabulating, and also interpreting a quantitative data. [19659003] Which later an error in the etymation and conclusion can be reported using inductive reasoning and has been based on mathematical probability or opportunity.

Anto Dajan thinks that the notion of statistics is quantitative data, which is still not arranged and also already arranged in a table form.

Prof. Dr. Sudjana, M.A., M.Sc. assume that the notion of statistics is knowledge that is closely related to a method for collecting data, processing and also analyzing data .

And later will be able to draw conclusions based on data sets and also previous analyzes. has been done.

Prof. Dr. H. Agus Irianto assumes that the notion of statistics is a group of ways or rules that have to do with collecting, analyzing, and also drawing a conclusion, from data that has the form of numbers using a certain assumption.

Croxton and Cowden assume that the notion of statistics is a method for collecting, managing, presenting and also interpreting data that has numerical form.

Statistical Usability

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Just like other methods, statistics also have several uses that can help humans make a decision. Not only that, there are some other uses of statistics [19459888]namely:

  • Statistics are useful for getting a picture, an example such as a special picture or a general picture of a situation, events and symptoms.
  • Statistics are useful for being able to do a test, this will reveal whether a single symbol is the same as the other symptoms or vice versa. If there is a difference, it is a difference that has a meaning or difference that has occurred only by chance.
  • Statistics are useful for being able to follow a development or ebb and flow of a symptom, event or condition from time to time.
  • Statistics are useful for being able to find out whether a symptom has a relationship with another symptom.
  • Statistics are useful for being able to compile a report containing quantitative data which is very concise, clear and also regular.
  • Statistics are useful for can draw a conclusion in a logical way, and can make a decision in a good and right way.

Statistical Example

 Example Statistics

If you already know the usefulness of statistics, then you also need to know examples from statistics. That way you will better understand what is meant by statistics. The following are examples of statistics:

1. Population Census

The population census is a very well-known and diligent procedure carried out by the Central Statistics Agency on every 10 months, which is when the year number ends at 0.

It also has the intention of knowing the developments and growth that occurs in the population in the last 10 years so that it can be used as a number of other fields which are the main points in determining the policies they will take.

Examples of this are population data collected, in the economy can estimate and also be able to make a decision on determining the circulation of money that will occur later.

2. Economic Census

The Central Bureau of Statistics also conducts an activity which is often called an economic census every 10 years, that is, in the last number of years that has a number 6. It aims to be able to know the economic development in Indonesia.

Economic data that has been collected will definitely get results in the form of conclusions that can inform us whether the economy in our country has increased or vice versa.

3. Marketing of a Product

In the field of marketing, statistical settings are used to be able to help a producer and distributor when determining the type of goods and also how many items they will have to produce and then distribute outside.

Distributed goods will be selected, according to the items that are most in demand by consumers. Not only that, statistics in marketing can also be used for research and development of products, segmentation, analysis of potential, pricing, etc.

Differences in Statistics and Statistics

 Differences in Statistics and Statistics [19659003] Differences from statistics and statistics can be seen from the definition of each. Statitiska is a science that will study how to plan data, collect data, analyze data, interpret data, and present data.

Whereas the definition of statistics is a collection of data which is in the form of numbers or numbers that have been arranged into a form diagrams or tables that will describe or relate to a specific problem.

So in short, statitiska is a branch of knowledge that has to do with data. while statistics is a data, information or a result of the application of the algorithm statitiska on a data.

Thus is the discussion of the meaning of statistics and the differences with statistics. Hopefully the existence of this article can add to your insight and will not be mistaken in comparing statistics and statistics.


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