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Definition of National Integration along with Objectives, Examples, Forming Factors and Obstacles

Definition of National Integration

In the life of the nation and state, it certainly cannot be separated from the name of unity. The Indonesian state itself consists of various kinds of tribes, religions, races, cultures and languages ​​that are spread throughout the island. Well, it's not easy to organize people with different backgrounds. For this reason, national integration is needed. Then, what is meant by national integration?

Etymologically, national integration comes from Latin, namely integrate which means giving a place for certain elements to realize a whole. Meanwhile, the national word comes from English, namely n ation which means nation. National intentions here contain several meanings, namely nationality and the nature of the nation itself.

National integration is the business and process of uniting differences in differences that exist in a country so that the creation of harmony and harmony nationally. The definition of national integration can also be interpreted in two points of view, namely politically and anthropologically.

  • Politically, national integration is a form of unification of various social and cultural groups into one national territory unit where the unity of the region can said as a national identity.
  • Anthropologically, national integration has details in the form of harmonization between one element of culture with one another, which has differences.

 Definition of National Integration is

1. Dr. Nazaruddin Sjamsuddin

According to Dr. Nazaruddin Sjamsuddin, National Integration is the process of uniting a nation that covers all aspects of life, namely politics, social, cultural, and economic.

2. J. Soedjati Djiwandono

According to J. Soedjati Djiwandono, national integration is a method of how the preservation of national unity in the broadest sense can be reconciled with self-determination rights.

National integration of the Indonesian nation means willingness and awareness to unite as a nation , becoming a whole and official national unity, and realized in a national agreement through the 1945 Oath of Youth on October 28, 1928.

3. Myron Weiner

According to Myron Weiner, national integration is a way to unite people from various social and cultural groups into a single unitary region, in order to form a national identity.

4. Howard Wriggins

According to Howard Wriggins, national integration is to unite different parts of a community into a more complete unit or to integrate many small societies into one national unity.

National Integration Objectives [19659002] The following are some of the objectives of national integration:

  1. Realizing mutual security and order.
  2. Creating prosperity and prosperity for all parties.
  3. Increasing population for the generation of all ethnic groups.
  4. Conducting development to raise living standards.
  5. Building national unity and unity which is the main provision in nation-building.

Forming and Inhibiting National Integration Factors

 Forming and Inhibiting National Integration Factors

1. Forming National Integration Factors

Following are the factors that can shape national integration:

  1. The emergence of a sense of shared fate and struggle caused by the same historical background.
  2. The existence of a national ideology reflected in the state emblem, namely Garuda Pancasila and motto of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.
  3. The willingness and desire to unite among the Indonesian people as stated in the Youth Oath on October 28, 1928.
  4. The emergence of a spirit of nationalism among the Indonesian people caused by external threats in maintaining the existence culture.
  5. Using Indonesian in its entirety.
  6. There is a spirit of unity and unity in the nation, language and homeland of Indonesia.
  7. The same personality and national life outlook, namely Pancasila .
  8. There is a spirit and mutual cooperation, solidarity and religious tolerance strong.
  9. There is a sense of shared fate due to the suffering of colonialism.
  10. There is a sense of love for the homeland and loving domestic products.

2. Inhibiting Factors of National Integration

Behind things that can shape national integration, there are also factors that hinder national integration. The following are the inhibiting factors of national integration.

  1. Lack of respect for heterogeneous pluralism.
  2. Lack of intergroup tolerance.
  3. Lack of awareness from Indonesians of external threats and harassment.
  4. There is dissatisfaction with inequality and inequality of development outcomes.

Examples of National Integration

 Examples of National Integration [1945906] </p>
<p> Here are examples of national integration that we can encounter in everyday life: </p>
<h3><span class= 1. Helping between family members

Love towards the homeland starts from the warmth of love in the family. If in the family there are members who get along well and help each other, of course it will become a habit that will be taken out of the house as capital to help other communities. This certainly becomes a reference for the emergence of national integration in life.

2. Religious tolerance between communities

Every citizen must have a different religion. For this reason, we need to respect the religion embraced by everyone so that there is no division between nations. Because worship is the most important thing to get closer to the Creator.

3. Construction of the Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park (TMII)

TMII can be said to be one of the Indonesian nation's 1945 miniature. This building is located in the capital namely Jakarta. Inside the TMII there are many booths that contain cultures from all provinces in Indonesia.

Each booth presents an overview of the area, such as traditional dances, traditional houses, various cultural products, regional musical instruments, traditional clothes, etc. .

4. Appreciate time

Things that need to be considered in community are timely. A person will be judged by discipline based on the time he has agreed. For example, at a meeting at 08.00 WIB at Pak RT's house, residents must come at the appointed time.

Because this time is sensitive, many people have already taken the time but some have kept the meeting delayed. For this reason, let's respect time for the creation of integration in society.

5. Holding a National Sports Week (PON)

PON is also one of the things that can shape a sense of unity in Indonesia. The large number of competitions in the national level sport provides an opportunity for athletes from all over Indonesia to compete and meet.

Besides exploring the potential of athletes from all regions scattered in Indonesia. Now, this meeting can foster a sense of Indonesian unity.

Articles about the notion of national integration, goals, forming factors and inhibiting factors, along with examples of national integration. Thank you and hope this article is useful for everyone! ?


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