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Definition of Input Devices and Functions and Examples (Complete)

Computer personal is a unit of several components such as input device, processing, and output device. The three parts have different functions, and each part consists of various types of devices for example is an input device which is a device that is responsible for inputting commands from users to be processed by the processing device and then displayed by output device, the discussion that will be discussed is the understanding of input devices and examples.

Definition of Input Devices

In general Input devices are input devices on personal computers that function to enter commands from computer users in the form of text commands , the image, or sound that will later be returned by the processing device to be displayed by the display device, or output device.

The output device consists of various devices, and most of them must be very familiar with you. Because the input device is the core device of the computer. The following is the definition of input devices and examples.

Input Device Example:

# 1. Keyboard

Who does not know about this one computer device, Keyboard is a primary input device for every computer, meaning that every computer user definitely needs the keyboard to operate the computer, unlike the mouse also both input devices, because without a mouse a computer can still be operated, but if without a computer keyboard it will be difficult to operate.

 Understanding Input Devices


Because the function of the keyboard is very important, because can run and operate on DOS and GUI application programs, while the keyboard can only run on GUI application programs. By using the keyboard in the DOS application program, we use the computer to give commands to the computer by using text commands to run a function on the computer, so that it will display the results of different processes.

The keyboard consists of various types, especially the type in the arrangement of the order of the buttons arranged, but the most famous and widely used by computer users is a type of QWERTY sequence, besides that the type and shape of the keyboard also varies depending on the needs of the user, such as for users with needs for multimedia will be different from keyboards for users who work as programmers, this difference includes the addition of buttons, and the physical form of the keyboard.

# 2. Mouse

After discussing the keyboard on a computer it will definitely not be separated from the name of the mouse, because a pair of these devices are needed by computer users in operating the device. Mouse is a device input on a computer to run a pointer that appears on the screen to represent the user's hand in carrying out functions contained on the computer.

 Definition of Input Device


Mouse only can be used for computers that use Graph User Interface or display images to facilitate users, meaning that the mouse cannot be used on computers that use systems or DOS-based application programs, usually DOS is used by computer experts to run various kinds of heavy applications such as server systems and server application programs that do not technically require GUIs and mouse devices.

In general we know there are two types of mice in their physical appearance, the first is the mouse track ball type, we can find this type of mouse if we look at the bottom of the mouse, if there is a ball that moves the pointer on l come on, then it's a type of mouse track ball. The other is the Optical type mouse, where to control the pointer on the screen, the mouse uses the reflection of optical rays to detect hand movements.

# 3. Joystick

Joystick is one input device that has the same function as other input devices, which is to run various functions to control the computer. However, this device is specifically for computer users who use the device to play games, so for needs other than games, you certainly cannot use this device, because the algorithms that have been embedded in the joystick device and on computer systems can only for game application programs only.

There are various types of joysticks that are different based on their shape, this is because the game needs are also different. but the most popular form of joystick used by computer users today is a form of joystick as we often see to play playstation. Because indeed the functions and buttons available are quite complete, besides that the game floaters also always support this type of joystick. This is used for the type of game that carries themes such as car races, controlling aircraft and so on. Joysticks are often used by government agencies such as official and police schools to run the virtual training control system in running such as planes, motorized vehicles, and training to become train drivers.

In addition to the three input devices that have been explained above, in fact there are many more input devices that we often use everyday when running a computer device, such as a scanner that serves to take pictures on paper, a microphone that serves to enter data in the form of sound to be re-processed by a computer device, which later we can see on the output device or popularly known as the output device.

Hopefully with the article discussing the input device, you will be able to know what is meant by the definition of input devices and examples. So you can distinguish various types of computer devices that exist based on the type.


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