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Definition of IMPLEMENTATION: Definition, Purpose, Example [LENGKAP]

Definition of Implementation

Many people like to use a term but do not know the meaning of the term, one of which is implementation . This term is often used in everyday life, usually refers to the implementation of a planned thing.

Implementation is an action or process of ideas that have been planned so carefully and in detail. Implementation is generally considered permanent after the activities have been completed.

Implementation according to the Large Indonesian Language Dictionary (KBBI) is the implementation or application. Both of these words aim to find a form of things that have been agreed upon.

Implementation is not just an activity, but an activity that is planned and done seriously by referring to several specific norms to achieve the purpose of the activity. Therefore, the process does not stand by itself but is also accompanied by the influence of the next object.

From the explanation above we can conclude that implementation is a method of a system . Implementation must be in accordance with the plans that have been made, so that the results achieved are as planned. However, you may need to know the meaning of this word further. Here are some definitions of the word implementation based on several experts.

 Definition of Implementation according to experts

In general, implementation can be interpreted as implementation or implementation. The following is an understanding of the Implementation of several world experts and Indonesia.

1. Wheelen and Hunger

Understanding implementation is a process for obtaining and carrying out information in operations.

2. Nurdin Usman

In his book "Curriculum Based Implementation", implementation boils down to activities, actions, actions, or mechanisms of a system. Implementation is not just an activity, but a planned activity and to achieve an activity goal.

3. Guntur Setiawan

Implementation is an extension of an activity that adapts to the interaction process between actions and goals to achieve something and requires an implementing network, effective bureaucracy.

4. Hanifah Harsono

According to Hanifah Harsono in his book "Implementation of Policy and Politics", implementation is the process of carrying out policies into political policy actions for the development of administrative policies in order to improve the program.

5. Van Meter & Van Horn

Implementation is the implementation of actions by individuals, officials, government agencies, and private groups with the aim of reaching the ideals set out in certain decisions.

6. Pressman and Wildavsky

Implementation is accomplishing, fulfilling, carrying out, producing and completing a policy.

7. Prana Wastra et al.

Implementation is an activity that can be done because of a policy that has been compiled beforehand, including what needs are needed, who is the implementer, when it is implemented, and when the implementation target itself will be completed. All of that has also been planned at the beginning of time.

8. Budi Winarno

Implementation is an activity that must be carried out by a group of people who have been sent to complete the same goal.

9. Mazmanian and Sabatier

The definition of implementation is the application of policies from the legal basis in the system of orders or court decisions. so on until the corrective policy is concerned.

10. Harsono

Implementation is the process of carrying out policies into political policy actions in administration. Policy development in the plan for improving a program.

11. Abdul Wahab

Implementation is an activity carried out either by individuals, officials, or groups of government and the private sector directed to achieve the objectives outlined in the policy decision.

12. Friedrich

Implementation is a policy or action that leads to goals proposed by individuals, groups or governments in certain environments that are related to the existence of certain obstacles in order to find opportunities to achieve goals or realize desired results.

Implementation Objectives [19659002]  Implementation Objectives

As noted earlier, implementation is an activity that is implemented systematically and is bound by a mechanism to achieve certain goals. The following are the objectives of implementation:

  1. Can implement an agenda that has been compiled accurately both individuals and groups.
  2. Can test and document a policy in the implementation of a plan or policy.
  3. Can implement the objectives to be achieved in pre -plan or policy that has been designed.
  4. Can know community expertise to implement a policy or plan that is in accordance with what is planned.
  5. Can know the success phase of a policy or concept that has been designed to improve quality.

Without implementation, the plan will be in vain because basically the plan was made to be implemented or implemented.

Examples of Implementation

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1. Examples of Legal Implementation

Developing a legal culture in all walks of life. The purpose of this is to increase public awareness and compliance with applicable laws by increasing national insight in the framework of the rule of law and the establishment of a rule of law.

2. Examples of Economic Implementation

Optimizing the role of the government in maintaining competition in the market.

3. Examples of Implementation in the Political Sector

Socializing and implementing the principle of equality and prohibiting discriminatory attitudes in activities of community, nation and state.

4. Examples of Implementation in the Field of Security

Increasing and expanding the quality of cooperation between countries in the field of defense and security in order to maintain regional security and take a role in maintaining world peace.

5. Examples of Information, Communication and Mass Media Implementation

Maximizing the benefits of information and communication technology for the needs of the wider community.

6. Examples of Implementation in the Field of Education

Updating the education system and following the development of the world in the education sector to maintain the quality of education in accordance with the progress of the times.

7. Examples of Implementation in the Social and Cultural Field

Trying to trace the values ​​of national and regional culture to develop science and technology, as well as implementing these cultural values ​​in social life.

Our discussion this time is about understanding implementation and goals and examples of implementation. Hopefully this article can be useful. Thank you 🙂


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