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Definition, Objectives, Types, Examples [LENGKAP]

Definition of Investment

In general, Definition of Investment is an activity or activity that puts funds in 1 period with the aim that the funds can generate profits or profits and also increase value of investment.

Definition of investment based on Wikipedia is a term used to carry out an activity related to accumulation or extension in the form of assets with the aim of earning profit or profit.

People who invest are commonly referred to as Investors. Besides investment, people usually call it investment in a company. Investment is very well known in business circles, of course.

Definition of Investment According to Experts

 Definition of Investment is

In addition to the above explanation of the notion of investment, there are also some experts who express their opinions on investment. The following are some expert opinions regarding the notion of investment, namely:

1. Haming and Basalamah

According to experts named Haming and Basalamah, the notion of investment is to spend expenses now to purchase real assets such as cars, property, etc. or also be able to carry out financial assets for the purpose of obtaining or obtaining results or profits greater future.

2. Henry Simamora

According to an expert named Henry Simamora, said that the notion of investment is an activity or asset used and carried out by the company to increase the company's wealth through distribution of investment returns such as royalties, interest income, rental income, etc. with purpose for appreciation of investment value. And also the company will get other benefits through investment activities from trade relations.

3. Salim HS and Budi Sutrisno

According to experts named Salim HS and Budi Sutrisno, argued that investment is an investment activity or activity carried out by investors, both local and foreign in various types of businesses that can invest . Investors have the main purpose of earning profits or profits.

4. Deliarnov (1995, p. 123)

According to an expert named [1945914] Deliarnov said that investment is an activity which carries out total expenditures such as spending on machinery, raw materials, and other capital used in the production process, such as expenses for building offices, building employee residences and building other buildings.

5. Kasmir and Jakfar (2012)

According to experts named Kasmir and Jakfar, said that investment is a relatively long-term investment activity in various types of business fields. The capital invested is in the form of certain projects, whether those that have physical or non-physical properties, for example such as road, bridge and other projects.

Investment Objectives

 Investment Destinations

Based on several meanings investment above, in addition to the main purpose of investment to get profits, there are also several other objectives of investment. The following are some other investment objectives, namely:

1. To Get Fixed Income

When you make an investment or investment in a company, then you will get royalties or profits continuously as long as the company is established. As long as you invest regularly and regularly.

2. To Enlarge Business

In addition to the purpose of investing is to make money, you will also get other benefits, such as you can enlarge your business or company and so on …

3. For Business Guarantee

Another goal is that you will get a business guarantee. For example, if you invest in a supplier, you will get a business guarantee that you will not lack raw materials and you will continue to get a market to sell your products.

4. To Reduce Competition

By investing or investing, you can also reduce competition with companies that are in the same field as you.

5. To Establish Good Relationships

By investing, you can establish good cooperation between companies and you can also maintain relationships with companies where you invest your capital there.

Types of Investment

 Types - Types Investment

Investment or investment also has several types. There are several parts of this type of investment. Following are the types of investments, including:

1. Type of Investment Based on Assets

Investment by assets means investment sharing in terms of wealth or capital. Aser-based investments are further divided into 2 types, namely:

  • Real Asset is a form of investment, for example a building.
  • Financial Asset is an investment in the form of documents or letters that are not directly from its capital holders. [19659040] 2. Type of Investment Based on Its Influence

    Investment based on its effect means investment that is based on several factors that have influence or that have no effect on the investment activity. Investment based on its influence is divided into 2 types, namely:

    • Autonomous Investment is an income level that has no effect on investment and is speculative.
    • Induced Investment is an increase in demand for goods or services and income level in investment.

    3. Type of Investment Based on the Source of Financing

    Investment based on the source of financing means investment based on the origin of the investment obtained. This investment is further divided into 2 types, namely investments originating from foreign capital and investments originating from domestic capital.

    4. Types of Investment by Shape

    Investment based on its form is an investment based on how to invest. This investment is further divided into 2 types, namely:

    • Portfolio investment is an investment conducted through the capital market using securities instruments.
    • Direct Investment is an investment made by buying total, building, and acquiring company.

    5. Types of Investment by Time

    Investment based on time is an investment made based on time. This investment is further divided into 2 types, namely:

    • Short-term Investment is an investment whose profits can be seen in less than 1 year.
    • Long-term Investment is an investment whose profits can be seen after more than 1 year.

    Example of investment

     example of investment

    Based on the types of investment above, there are several examples of each type. The following are some examples of investments based on the types, namely:

    1. Example of Investment Based on Assets

    • Real Asset for example: investment in precious metals, investment in land, property, etc.
    • Financial Asset for example: bonds, mutual funds, shares, etc. [19659040] 2. Example of Investment Based on Its Influence
      • Autonomous Investment for example: purchase of securities.
      • Induced Investment, example: income earned other than work, such as interest.

      3. Type of Investment Based on the Source of Financing

      • Investment from Foreign Capital for example: any form of investment carried out by foreigners or foreigners
      • Investment from Domestic Capital for example: any investment made by domestic

      4. Type of Investment Based on its Shape

      • Portfolio Investment for example: bonds, shares
      • Direct Investment example: total buy

      5. Types of Time-Based Investments

      • Short-term Investments example: deposits banks bank savings, forex.
      • Long-term investments for example: mutual funds, insurance, precious metals, and

      Thus is our discussion this time regarding the definition of investment, along with its objectives, types, and also examples of investment. Hopefully you can better understand and understand what investment is, as well as goals, types and examples. Hopefully this article can be more useful. Thank you 🙂


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