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Definition, History, Rules, Objectives [LENGKAP]

Definition of Football

Do you know what football means? Definition of football which is a sport that uses the ball as a game, in which the ball is designed with leather or rubber and can be played by two teams. Each of the teams has 11 core members and a number of substitutes.

Not only that, some people assume that the notion of soccer is a game that can be done by trying to kick the ball, which the goal is to be able to enter the ball into the opponent's goal.

In this soccer game it can also be won by a team that has the most score if it succeeds in entering the opponent's goal, but must be based on the rules of the game.

England, football is often referred to as Football . Unlike America which mentions soccer with the term Soccer. When examined from the word Soccer, the word is divided into two words, namely:

  • Words Football which means doing a kick using the foot
  • And the word Ball which has a meaning game tools that are round and have basic materials made of leather or rubber.

 Understanding Football is

In order to better understand what is meant by football, you can refer to the notion of football according to some experts below:

Soekatamsi considers that the notion of football is a game consisting of two teams and competed, in which each team has 11 members of the core players including the goalkeeper or goalkeeper. [19659011] Luxbacher thought that the notion of soccer is a game that can be compared between two teams, which each team has 11 members and a bus a is done by keeping the goal of the ball kick that enters and breaking the opponent's goal.

Agus Salim thinks that the understanding of football is a sport that can play a ball using legs and has the goal to be able to break as many opponents as possible by entering ball, and the game must be in accordance with the rules of money previously set, the regulation can be determined by football associations and other parties who have authority.

Muhajir considers that the definition of soccer is a game that can be done using kicking or kicking ball, which has the purpose of being able to enter the ball towards the opponent's goal, and must maintain the team's own goal so as not to concede the ball from the other team.

Remmy Muchtar thinks that the understanding of soccer is a game that can be done using processing ball and d by cultivating gestures in the game of soccer.

A Brief History of Football

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Judging from its history, this one sport has been known in China in the century 2 and 3 in BC, which was then during the Han Dynasty. And at that time, the Chinese people had used leather-based balls and they kicked them into small nets.

Not only in China, this soccer branch has also been known in several other countries, for example like Greece, Rome and Japan. And people from all three countries play football just for fun.

Modern football games have begun in the UK, and in England they have implemented some basic rules in this soccer game until the game becomes very popular . Although in the early days of this sport [1945-1912] it was also prohibited to be played because there were those who considered this game to contain violence, but now soccer became very popular among the people in the world.

And finally in 1904 it was formed FIFA short for the Fédération Internationale de Football Association. FIFA itself is an international governing body of football which was officially established on May 21, 1904 in Paris, France.

Furthermore, the game of soccer has become a sport that can be competed between several countries with the aim of getting the World Cup. And the first World Cup match was held in Uruguay in 1930, and also won by Uruguay.

Inventors of Football

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Inventors of football are still in doubt, why ? Initially the UK had claimed about the discovery of football for the first time in the world. But the truth is still doubtful. This is because no one knows this sport was first played. Therefore the inventor of football for the first time in the world may not exist.

But based on a discovery of the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatire Romano, Guarani, which is one of the tribes in Paraguay, has played soccer games. . The article appeared or published on Monday, July 28, 2010, and stated that the game of football had been discovered by the Duarani tribe in 1793. With such a statement, far 70 years before where England claimed to be the inventor of football.

The article was sourced from the pastor who had the name Juan Manuel Peramas. He has stated that the Guarani tribe has played using a ball that has a rubber paper base material, but has a fairly light weight so it will be fast when kicked.

Even then the ball will bounce quickly before it can be stopped. The Guarani also played the ball not by using their hands like they did, but they used their inner legs. It was from this article that it was evident that Britain was not the inventor of the game of football.

The Purpose of Football Games

ball into the opponent's goal with as many as possible, and finally will be able to win a match. And below are some of the goals of the game of football that will be achieved:

  • Blocking or preventing it from going into its own net
  • Breaking the ball into the opponent's goal or commonly called a goal [19659008] To be able to build a collaboration within the team so that the game can be performed more solidly
  • To be able to build and maintain sportsmanship between soccer players and also be able to create fair games
  • Can improve health and also fitness on the body
  • Can achieve achievements in the world of sports, especially in soccer sports

Thus is the discussion of the notion of football and some important things in it. Hopefully this article can provide knowledge to you and can also be useful in increasing your insight into soccer games.

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