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Definition, Function, Structure & Characteristics

Definition of Proposal

Proposals are often made as a guideline for collaboration. Because the understanding of the proposal is a document that contains a plan submitted by one party to another so that it can be easily approved and understood. The proposal must have been written in a concise and clear manner so that it is easily understood by the intended party.

The points in in the proposal were also an explanation of the plan to be submitted earlier. Making a proposal yourself is the most widely used in business matters and other matters that require permission to work together. But the role of proposals is also often needed at educational institutions such as at the school level or at the university level.

Definition of Proposal According to Experts

 Understanding Proposals According to Experts From the above explanation do you already understand the understanding proposal? In order to make it easier for you to understand what is meant by the proposal, you can learn the proposal according to the experts.

1. The Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI)

If according to data from the Big Indonesian Dictionary, then the meaning of the proposal is a plan that is poured into the form of work design, systematic planning, careful and thorough. Where this plan was made by researchers before carrying out a study. Either research in the field ( f ield research ) or research in the library ( library research ).

2. Hasnun Anwar (2004)

Whereas according to Hasnun Anwar, a proposal is a plan that was prepared or made for a particular activity.

3. Keraf (2001)

Keraf said if the proposal was a suggestion or request to a person or group of people to do and carry out a particular work.

4. Jay (2006)

Then Jay argues that the notion of a proposal is a standard management tool. So that the management of an organization can function efficiently and effectively

5. Rieefky

Rieefky expressed his opinion about the definition of a proposal, which is a form of activity design that is made in a formal and standard form. Proposal writing is the step of combining various plans that have been made in the previous stages.

Function and Purpose of the Proposal

 Function and Purpose of the Proposal A proposal made by a person or group of people who are members of a agencies and institutions certainly have functions and goals. Given the role of proposals that are quite large in the world of business and education. The functions of making proposals are:

  1. Used to conduct religious research, economics social and cultural, and other important matters.
  2. Used to establish a business entity both official and non-official. [19659020Theproposalalsofunctionsasadocumentforsubmitting tenders or cooperative efforts by one party with another party.
  3. The proposal function can also be used to propose the procurement of a seminar, competition, festival, and celebration of a matter
  4. Proposal can also act as a document to submit funding assistance to a humanitarian agency or by the local government.

While the purpose of the proposal, namely:

  1. As a tool to get sponsors
  2. In order to get support from other parties destination.
  3. So that you can get a permit when you are going to build a building or hold an event in what form
  4. The purpose of the proposal is also so that the proposal maker can get help from certain parties.

Systematics and Proposal Structure

 Systematics and Proposal Structure In general there are many forms of proposals, such as proposal proposals community and research proposals. These two proposals are most often used within the reach of the wider community. The systematic proposal, namely:

1. Systematic social proposal

Community proposal is a proposal made to submit business establishment permit or to hold an event. Systematic proposals for the community are:

  • Name of activity
  • Background
  • Objectives
  • Several types of activities
  • Implementing committee
  • Time and place of implementation
  • Schedule of activities
  • Costs

2 . Systematics of research proposals

Just as the name suggests, research proposals are usually made so that they can get permission to be able to conduct research in any field. The systematics of the research proposal are:

  • Rationale
  • Formulation of the problem
  • Research objectives
  • Assumptions
  • Hypothesis
  • Research methods
  • Research locations and samples
  • Research schedules
  • ] Research personnel
  • Research costs
  • Reference library

Then what is the structure of the proposal? The proposal structure is the compiler of the proposal which certainly plays an important role. The structure of the proposal is:

1. Proposal cover

On the proposal cover there must be company logo and the name of the activity to be carried out.

2. Background of activity

Contains the reasons why the activity was carried out. These reasons must be complete from general to specific.

3. Name of activity

Certainly when making a proposal you must include the name of the activity that you will carry out.

4. Theme of activity

In addition to the name of the activity, the theme of the activity must also be in the proposal.

5. The purpose of the activity

An activity that will be held certainly has a specific purpose and different. The purpose of this activity must be in the proposal and delivered in a concise and clear manner.

6. Types of activities

What types of activities will you undertake should you explain in detail in the proposal.

7. Means of promotion

In the structure of this promotion facility, it must include what means will be obtained by the sponsor if they want to participate in financing these activities.

8. Estimated budget

The total budget cost of activities must be calculated in detail and the explanation must be complete in the proposal. After there are total costs, there must be an estimate of the existing budget and what is needed if the budget is still lacking.

9. Closing

If the first to eighth structures are complete in the proposal, the next structure is the closing. In this concluding section, of course there must be a clear name and signature of the proposal maker.

10. Committee composition

After making the closing, then you make the committee composition. This arrangement is very important and can be a special attraction for sponsors. Whereas the composition of the committee is in the back of the proposal.

Proposal Characteristics

 Definition of Proposals and Characteristics Every important document must have its own characteristics or characteristics. As with proposals, the characteristics possessed by the proposal are:

  1. Proposals are made to summarize the activities to be carried out.
  2. Proposals must be made briefly so that the sponsor or certain parties know the main contents of the event to be held. [19659020] Acts as the first notification of an activity to be carried out.
  3. Proposals must be given to sponsors and related agencies at least one month before the event. Where this proposal acts as a notification to the sponsor or certain agency.
  4. Proposal contains the purpose and background of the event.
  5. Proposal is prepared with objectives that have been adjusted to the background of the event.
  6. Proposal takes the form of several sheets of notice that have been bound and later submitted to the party organizing the event and the sponsors.
  7. There are those who make and submit proposals.

That was the understanding of the proposal and some opinions from experts. Hopefully the information outlined above can be useful and increase your knowledge about the proposal.


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