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Definition, Function, Requirements, Elements [LENGKAP]

Understanding Society

Etymologically, "society" is taken from the Arabic word, namely "musyarak" which is a relationship or interaction. So, as for the definition of society is a group of people or individuals who live together at a place and are interconnected and interacting in an organized community.

As for generally, Understanding Society is a group of humans or individuals who live together in a certain region or region and form a system or rule, either semi-closed or semi-open. Which is the interaction in it is the interaction between individuals – individuals who are in the group.

Every human or individual must use feelings, desires and thoughts to interact and react to their environment. Well, this is what makes a human being a social creature that cannot truly live alone and surely needs each other to fulfill their needs.

 understanding of society according to experts

In addition to the above explanation about the general understanding of society , there are also some experts who express their opinions regarding the understanding of society. The following are some experts who gave their opinions on the understanding of the community, namely:

According to an expert named Paul B. Horton, arguing that the notion of society is a collection of people who have independence together for a long time, and also inhabit a certain area or region by having a culture that is not different and most activities and activities within the group.

According to an expert named Linton, said that society is a group of humans who have lived long and work together so that an organization will be formed that can organize or regulate everyone in the community and can make everyone in the community manage themselves as a social entity by having certain limits.

According to an expert named An-Nabhan i, he argues that society is a group of people like humans who have feelings, and have the same rules or system, and there is interaction between people because it is this similarity that will bring goodness to the community itself and the community.

According to Marion Levy, the community can be said if the community has 4 criteria, namely:

  • Taking all or part of its members through birth or reproduction.
  • Having the ability to survive that exceeds the life time of a member.
  • Having a sense of loyalty to a system or the main rules of action together.
  • Having the main system or rule of action that has the nature of self-sufficiency .

According to a Mack Ever, understanding society is a system or rule from procedures and work methods, authority and mutual assistance that includes groups – groups and social divisions, as well as a system of supervision of human behavior and freedom. Complex and constantly changing systems and rules of social relations.

Community Functions

 Community functions

After the above explanation regarding some community understandings, there are also functions contained within the community. The following are 4 community functions, namely:

1. Function Maintenance Pattern

Function maintenance pattern has a connection between society as a rule or social system with cultural subsystems. The maintenance function of this pattern retains the highest principles possessed by the community while preparing the basis for acting towards a higher reality.

2. Interaction Function

This interaction function includes coordination needed by units that have become part of a social stem. Especially those that have links with units that contribute to the organization and its functions to the system as a whole.

3. Function for purpose or achievement of purpose

This function is to regulate the relationship between society as a social system with personality substance. The function is reflected in the preparation of a priority scale of various kinds of objectives to be achieved and determining how a system of mobility of resources and energy is provided to achieve that goal.

4. Adaptation Function

This adaptation function concerns the relationship between the community and the organization's social and subsystem in psycho-organic natural actions. This function generally concerns the relationship with the ability of the community to adapt to the environment.

Community Elements

 elements of the community

Besides having its function, the community also has important elements inside it. The following are some elements of society, namely:

1. A Large Group of People

A crowd of people [crowd] are groups or groups of people who inhabit or are in a certain place. The following are the characteristics of many people, namely:

  • Formed because of a common focus.
  • There is a question and answer process around the object that will be the center of attention.
  • The process of formation requires a long time.
  • a feeling or feeling as a whole.

2. Group

People are grouped based on their characteristics, both objective and subjective. The characteristics of a group include:

  • Having various kinds of interaction patterns.
  • Having different roles and statuses.
  • Having awards and sanctions or punishments.
  • There are activities of distribution of rights and obligations to each member.

3. Association (Association)

An association or association is a unit of many individuals who are formed consciously and have certain goals to be achieved. Associations or associations are formed and carried out based on goals, interests, religion interests, professions, etc.

4. Group

Groups differ from associations, if associations are a fairly large element of society, while groups are smaller elements of society. The group also has its characteristics. The following are the characteristics of the group.

  • There is interaction between each group member.
  • Has certain rules, structures, and patterns.
  • Has binding factors, namely goals, interests, destiny, ideology of each member.
  • Each member has an awareness that they are part of a group.

Requirements for the Establishment of a Community

 Requirements for the formation of a community

People are not just formed accidentally. However, there are absolute conditions that are a condition for the formation of a society. The following are some requirements for community formation, namely: following:

1. People Who Live Together

Men are social creatures who certainly will not be able to live alone. If a human has a certain sense of solitude it will encourage people to interact and interact with other humans. An interaction formed between individuals usually consisted of at least 2 people to be able to live and live together, both in kinship, social contact, or actions or activities from other social relations. Therefore, the togetherness of life experienced by humans is the main requirement so that it can be called a society.

2. Hang out for quite a long time

Associating with someone in a social environment for quite a long time is also a condition for the formation of a community, but socializing is not only done once in a person's lifetime. Because the conditions for the formation of the community must carry out social or social relations in a long period of time.

3. Creating Communication and Regulations

A system in human relations that has diversity in thinking certainly will not be able to lepad from conflicts or social disputes that are an important part of people's lives. So to maintain it there must be communication carried out by the community to produce many rules or rules made from the results of mutual agreement. In this case communication and regulations were part of the conditions for the formation of society.

4. Realizing Social Integration

Realizing the importance of social integration or shared life is a condition for the formation of the next society. This must be owned by everyone who is joined in a particular society. Because all people who inhabit or reside in certain regions or regions will give birth to new social integration in them.

5. Socializing

The community must be able to provide education or education to the next generation if they want dikatan as a community. Because this is an important part of the tradition and the introduction of inheritance and descent to new members or new generations that exist in people's lives.

Thus is our discussion this time about the understanding of society, along with its functions, elements and conditions for the formation society. Hopefully you can better understand and understand what the community is, as well as its functions, its elements, and also the conditions for its formation. Hopefully this article can be useful. Thank you 🙂


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