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Definition, Function, Characteristics & Characteristics [LENGKAP]

Understanding Language

Do you know what language means? Understanding language in general, which is a communication tool that must be owned by everyone, a language in the form of a system symbol of sound and origin from a utterance or human mouth.

Not only that, some people also say that understanding language is an ability which is owned by everyone to be able to communicate with other humans. Humans can communicate with other humans can use symbols or signs, for example, such as body movements and words.

In language there are also a set of words where each word has a meaning and also an abstract relationship with a concept or object represented by words. The use of language is also usually based on a set of rules, so words that will be spoken or written can follow certain rules.

 Understanding Language is

To better understand what is meant by language, you can refer to opinions from the experts below regarding understanding of languages. The following is an understanding of language according to some experts:

1. According to Ferdinand De Saussure

Ferdinand De Saussure thinks that the understanding of language is a characteristic that is the most prominent differentiator.

That is because using language each community group perceives itself as a unit that has differences from groups

Sudaryono considers that the notion of language is a good medium of communication even though the language is not perfect.

With the imperfection of the language makes the language a communication medium which is one source misunderstandings can occur.

Wibowo assumes that the meaning of language is a system that becomes a symbol of sound, has meaning and also has articulation, and has properties that are conventional and also arbitrary.

Language also often used as a tool to communicate by a number of community groups to be able to present thoughts and also curious.

Plato considers that the understanding of language is a statement from the mind of a human, and becomes an intermediary between the name of a thing and something with a speech which is also a reflection of the idea of ​​someone inside it is an air stream that passes from the mouth.

Bill Adams assumes that the understanding of language is a system which is a development of someone's psychology in which there is an intersubjective context.

Harimurti Kridalaksana assumes that the meaning of language is a sound systems that have meaning and are often used for communication by social groups.

Language Function

 Language Function is

In accordance with the above understanding, language also has several functions that can be useful for human in his life daily. The following is a function of language:

1. Becoming a Tool to Unite the Nation

The function of language is to become a tool that can unite the nation, because the use of language is a medium to be able to communicate with others.

Every citizen of a country or nation must convey thoughts and the idea is to use a language that can be understood by others.

A communication activity from the community that uses the same language and can be understood between one another will become a unified nation to be stronger.

2. Become a Nation and Tribal Identity Tool

The function of language has a function to become an identity of a nation or a tribe because it is unique. A tribe must have a different language. It also became an identity and also had its own uniqueness for a nation or tribe.

3. Becoming A Tool To Be Able To Communicate

Referring to the understanding of language as above, namely language is a set of words that have a meaning. And every word also has meaning and relates abstractly to a concept or object that will be represented later.

Using language, every person can also do a two-way communication, which can be understood by each person. [19659029] Characteristics and Characteristics of Language

 Characteristics of Language and Nature of Language

Just like everything else, language also has characteristics and characteristics that are the unique nature of a language. The following are the characteristics and characteristics of the language you need to know:

  • Language can be used as a tool for social interaction, it is also the same as the function of language which is a tool for communication.
  • Language is a right which is humane, which only has language and is used by someone itself.
  • Language has a dynamic nature, this is because language always has a connection with all one's activities and the activity can always change so that later the language also changes it becomes an irregular thing, and becomes something that is not static, but becomes dynamic.
  • Language also includes variations, languages ​​that exist on this earth have many varieties and also vary.
  • Language also has productive nature, elements contained in a language can be developed as a language unit that has a number unlimited and in accordance with an agreed upon system in the language.
  • Language has a universal nature, every language in this world has the same characteristics. And the characteristics of the language are an element of the most common language.
  • Language has a unique nature, in a language found in this world has a more detailed characteristic that no other language will have.
  • Language is something that has meaning. Viewed from the function of language is to be able to convey a message, ideas, ideas and concepts. Therefore the form of sound that does not have the meaning that has been conveyed in any language cannot be said to be a language.
  • Language is a matter in the form of sound, this means that language is a unit of sound that can be produced by a tool said from humans. Which in phonetics can be observed to be "font" and also in phonemes to become "phonemes."
  • Language has a property that is arbitrary, which means there is no obligatory relationship between the symbols of a language which has a sound form with a understanding or concept that is in the form of a symbol, generally can also be interpreted as sedentary, arbitrary and always changing.
  • Language is a system, and a language also has a rule and orderly structure and can form a whole which has functions and meanings. A system can also be formed by several components or elements from one and the other, and can be interconnected with functional.
  • Language has a form as a symbol, which is a language can be symbolized or can be conveyed into a sound form of language not in the form of the other thing that is like the sound produced by a human speech instrument.

Thus is the discussion of the meaning of language and some of the most important components in it. Hopefully this article can be of use to you

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