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Definition, Causes & Impacts (Complete)

Definition of the Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is a term which refers to the current condition of the earth. Where the sunlight that enters the earth cannot be radiated out again because it is blocked by the earth's atmosphere. This then makes warming on earth or global warming getting worse. Even now the ozone layer that is in the earth is also thinning and is already at an alarming level.

Greenhouse itself is a house built with glass-based materials. From the walls to the roof, everything is made of clear glass. Maybe in Indonesia this greenhouse is still very rare because the level of heat in Indonesia is still very sufficient. But in a country that has 4 seasons, you will easily find a greenhouse. This house was built by farmers to grow crops.

The originator of the term greenhouse effect was Joseph Fourier in 1824 . Before the greenhouse effect occurred on earth then you would feel very cold at night and feel quite hot during the day. But since the greenhouse effect occurs on earth, then at night the air feels a little warm. Because the sun's heat is still stored in the inner layers of the earth.

Causes of the Greenhouse Effect

 Definition of the Greenhouse Effect and Its Causes Basically the gases that have the biggest contribution in the emergence of the greenhouse effect are water vapor ( H 2 O), 36-70%, carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), 9-26%, methane (CH 4 ), 4-9% , ozone (O 3 ), 3-7%, nitrous Oxide (N 2 O), CFC and HFC. While the causes of the greenhouse effect are:

1. From the animal industry

One of the animals from the animal industry that can cause the greenhouse effect is cattle. Although cows eat grass, but when they fart, the gas produced contains carbon dioxide and methane gas. Where these two gases can have a big impact on the Earth's atmosphere.

2. Household waste

Household waste such as plastic waste or detergent foam, if allowed to produce carbon dioxide, has a large effect on the Earth's atmosphere.

3. Industrial and mining wastes

Greenhouse gases also come from industrial and mining wastes. Industrial and mining materials causing these greenhouse gases such as fertilizer, cement, and other mining materials.

4. The use of fossil fuels

The effect of using fossil fuels is not only on the air around you. But using too much fossil fuel can increase the concentration of greenhouse gases. This is because when you burn these fossils carbon dioxide is mixed with air resulting in global warming.

5. Forest burning and logging

Forest is one of the producers of oxygen or O2 gas. But when the forest is cut down to bare and there is no replanting then the earth can be easily affected by the greenhouse effect. Not to mention if there is forest burning activity, carbon dioxide gas and burning methane will affect the atmosphere. Then the greenhouse gases increased very quickly.

The Greenhouse Effect Process

 The Greenhouse Effect Process The greenhouse effect on earth did not just happen but went through a fairly long process. The process of the greenhouse effect, namely:

1. Formation of greenhouse gases

The process of the greenhouse effect on earth first started from the formation of greenhouse gases. Where the formation of greenhouse gases is caused by several things such as the accumulation of methane gas and carbon dioxide.

2. The heat of the sun enters the earth

When it enters the day, the sun's heat plays the most role. Because it is the task of the sun to illuminate all parts of the earth. The difference is that every area on earth cannot be illuminated simultaneously but alternately. The second process of the greenhouse effect is the entry of sunlight into the earth.

3. The sun's rays are reflected and absorbed

After the sun's rays enter the earth, some of the rays will be reflected back out in the form of infrared rays. However, when the earth is full of greenhouse gases, a portion of the sun's rays are absorbed and remain in the earth. As a result, the earth became hotter and affected by the greenhouse effect.

Impact of the Greenhouse Effect

 Understanding the Greenhouse Effect and its Impact The greenhouse effect also brought several harmful impacts to the earth, such as:

1 . The ozone layer is reduced

The ozone layer has a very large role for the earth's society. Because this is the layer that protects human earth from exposure to ultra violet rays.

When the greenhouse effect occurs, the ozone layer can be greatly reduced. Because greenhouse gases in the form of nitrous oxide are the gases or the main cause of the reduction in the ozone layer on earth. As a result UV rays can enter freely into the earth.

2. Sea water acidity increases

Sea water that feels salty certainly has some content that is beneficial for life in the sea. But when the greenhouse effect occurs, the acidity of sea water can increase. As a result coral reefs can be severely damaged and even marine life can be easily destroyed.

3. Sea water is getting higher

The impact of the greenhouse effect is not only on the acidity of sea water but also on sea water levels. In the phase of the greenhouse effect that has occurred for a long time, the sea level can increase continuously. So people who live in coastal areas must move from their homes.

4. Global warming

As mentioned above, where the greenhouse effect can also cause global warming. This is because all the sun's heat entering the earth cannot be reflected back to the maximum. So that the level of heat in the earth becomes excessive or commonly referred to as global warming.

5. The polar ice caps are melting

At the level of the most severe greenhouse effect, it can cause melting of the polar ice caps in both the north and south poles. Just imagine if all the polar ice melts, many areas around the world will be submerged in water. Besides the melting of polar ice caps can destroy existing ecosystems .

Examples of the Customs Causes of the Greenhouse Effect

 Definition of the Greenhouse Effect and Examples

the glass is:

1. Increased use of motorized vehicles

Nowadays car and motorcycle users are increasing very dramatically. Where this is an example of the greenhouse effect because it can increase greenhouse gas production.

2. Burning garbage

Burnt waste will produce smoke. And this smoke can turn into carbon dioxide gas which can create a greenhouse effect on the earth.

3. Wasteful electricity

An example of the next greenhouse effect is waste of electricity. Where this waste of electricity isa increases the production of carbon dioxide gas.

Examples of or habits that can create the greenhouse effect above must be avoided so that the earth remains in good condition.


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