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DataPractices.org joins the Linux Foundation for data teamwork

The Linux Foundation will now host DataPractices.org as one of its projects.

DataPractices.org was initially created by data.world as a “Manifesto for Data Practices.” It was meant to include the values and principles that enable effective, modern, and ethical approaches to data teamwork.

As part of the Linux Foundation, DataPractices.org will create a vendor-neutral community that can keep establishing best practices and increase the amount of data knowledge in the ecosystem.

“By joining forces with the Linux Foundation, we are inviting the broader community to help datapractices.org evolve,” said Brett Hurt, co-founder and CEO of data.world. “This is the collective knowledge of a group of experts that can, and should, continue to be refined by those closest to the effective, modern, and ethical use of data.”

Under the Linux Foundation, it will now offer open courseware for data teamwork, aimed at a wide range of users, such as novice practitioners, data managers, corporate evangelists, seasoned data scientists, and more.

“We are pleased to welcome datapractices.org to the Linux Foundation as we have been working with organizations and communities focused on openly sharing data,” said Mike Dolan, vice president of strategic programs at the Linux Foundation. “It’s important to see the industry align to have best practices they can reference to foster an open, collaborative teamwork approach to help support the entire data ecosystem.”


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