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Create a WinPE Bootable Disk – Clone | Backup

This tutorial shows how to use iSumsoft Cloner to create a WinPE bootable disk for all Windows operating systems and how to clone, back up and restore the Windows operating system at boot when you can’t get into your computer.

If there’s a problem with being unable to boot into a computer, how do you copy, clone, migrate computer data (including systems) to a new SSD without losing any data? Thankfully, there is a simple but effective way to help solve this problem, iSumsoft Cloner is designed to clone and migrate the operating system to HDD / SSD on a computer. Users can easily create WinPE bootable disks in a few steps. You can use the amazing features of making a bootable disk. This will create a bootable USB drive and iSumsoft Cloner can run outside of the system operating system.

Why do I need to create a WinPE bootable disk?

WinPE is called the Windows pre-installation environment and can be used to deploy, test, and repair Windows installations, as well as recovery media for system administrators. WinPE bootable disk support manages hard disk partitions in the event of an operating system crash, clean the primary drive to reinstall other operating systems, and even manages partitions on the computer without an operating system.

In addition, the WinPE bootable disk allows you to move/copy Windows operating system drives or partitioned content from a crashed computer to another hard drive at boot without losing any data. Most importantly, WinPE disks can be used to rebuild the MBR when the cloned hard drive fails to boot.

What you will need:

  • Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK)
  • IOS image burner (ex: Rufus)
  • The iSumsoft Cloner
  • CD / DVD or USB

Create a WinPE bootable disk for Windows operating system using iSumsoft Cloner

First, you have to download the Windows ADK from the Microsoft site and install it on a working computer.

Run iSumsoft Cloner and click on “Make Boot Disk” and it will start making WinPE images.

Make a botable disk

Wait for a while, when the progress reaches 100%, it means that WinPE has been created and the ISO file is saved to the iSumsoft Cloner installation path.

iSumsoft Cloner WinPE.iso file

Burn winpe.iso file to CD/DVD or USB flash drive

Insert the USB flash drive into your computer. You can burn the WinPE.iso file to a CD, DVD or USB flash drive using any free ISO image burner (e.g. Rufus). After successful burning, remove the USB drive or CD/DVD.

Then, you have to prepare an external hard drive (SSD or HDD) and insert both the external hard drive and the bootable disk into the computer you want to clone, backup, and restore.

Connect bootable usb to computer

Restart your PC and press the required boot key to boot your computer from a bootable CD or DVD USB drive.

Boot PC from WinPE bootable disk

After the computer restarts, you will see the iSumsoft Cloner interface. Here you can perform system disk or partition cloning, backup and restore as needed.

Clone backup and restore Windows OS at boot


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