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Create a Password Reset Disk to Reset Windows Password if Forgot Login Password – iSumsoft

A Windows password reset disk is a specially created that can be used to gain access to Windows if your you’ve forgotten your password. We recommend that you create a password reset disk when you create your password, so you don’t lose access to your files and information. If you’ve ever forgotten your Windows password before, you can imagine how valuable a password reset disk is. Here we will show you several ways to create a password reset disk for different users with different tool.

Situation 2: Resolving local/Microsoft/Administrator account password when Windows was locked

If the local account password is lost/forgotten, and a password reset disk is not available, you are unable to access to a Windows PC. Fortunately,  iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer helps create a USB password reset drive. It is a password reset software with UEFI support, which can not only be used to remove a local account password but also reset a Microsoft account,, as well as create a new Admin account.

Option 1: Using Windows Password Refixer for Android tool to create a password reset disk in Android, do as follows:

iSumsoft Windows Password Reset Refixer for Android is a tool that allows you create a Windows password reset USB disk on Android phone. This is ideal for resetting or removing a forgotten password/unlocking/bypassing Windows password in seconds and always having a rescue-system on the go without any data loss.

Note: It needs root privileged which means you need rooted Android phone. You need prepare a USB OTG cable and a USB flash drive. You can refer to Windows Password Refixer for Android user-guide tutorial to learn more.

create a password reset disk in Android phone

When you finish creating such a bootable USB, insert it into the computer/laptop/tablet whose Windows password have forgotten and now needs reset.  It’s completely free, aside from needing a password reset USB drive, and it’s very easy to do: Simply start or restart the machine and set your computer to boot from USB drive. Once the machine boots up, you can reset password. May this help you!

Option 2: Using Windows Password Refixer tool to create a password reset disk in other Windows PC, do as follows:

More information see How to Reset Your Computer Password with another Computer.

create a bootable USB drive in other Windows PC

Situation 1: Resolving local account password in Windows 10/8.1/7

To create a password reset disk for a local account when computer is accessible, here is how:

create a password reset disk for a local account

Remove the USB flash drive and keep it in a safe place where you’ll remember it. It’s best not to use the password reset drive to store other files or data. You don’t have to create a new disk when you change your password—even multiple times. More information, see 2 Ways to Create a UEFI Bootable Password Reset Drive for Surface.

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