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Chrome 75 for Mac, Windows, and Linux rolling out

Google today is rolling out the latest version of Chrome for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Chrome 75 is a more minor release for desktops in terms of user-facing changes. However, there are new tools and developer features.

Service workers are increasingly used by today’s websites to create powerful experiences that feature push notifications, background syncing, and offline capabilities. Given that they run in the background with no corresponding web page or user interaction, Chrome 75 will now list service workers in the Task Manager (Settings > More Tools).

The “Privacy and security” menu under “Advanced” gains a tool to “Manage security keys.” If a key is plugged in via USB, you can “Create a PIN” to protect the sign-in devices with an additional layer of security. There is also the option to “erase all data on the security key, including its PIN.”

Chrome 75 security keys

To improve navigating with gestures, Chrome 75 adds support for Scroll Snap Stop. It allows web developers to “designate a snap position such that it traps the inertial scrolling operations preventing the scroll from skipping it.” For example, when swiping through a horizontal image gallery, a broad gesture will not automatically take you to last item in the carousel. Rather, each swipe takes you to just the next picture. A demo is available here.

Site Isolation is now enforced for all desktop users. Aimed at mitigating the Spectre CPU vulnerability, this feature renders content for each open webpage in a separate, dedicate process. Version 67 last year gave enterprise admins the ability to opt out of the security measure due to compatibility problems that emerged for some domains. That option has been removed in Chrome 75 after Google “resolved the reported issues.”

Chrome 75 for desktops is available now, with Android and Chrome OS following in the coming weeks.

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