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Cheap Salary Programmers in Indonesia?

Cheap Salary Programmers in Indonesia ? Have you ever wondered how much the salary is appropriate for programmers in Indonesia, and in fact the programmer's salary in Indonesia is really cheap. here are some explanations that I summarize from other websites and I collect them here so that you get a good understanding of the fate of programmers in Indonesia.

Who doesn't know the programmer? In my opinion, the level in the IT field, programmers including high levels means that it is professional to create desktop programming or web programming. Then the salary of programmers in other countries is valued with a high nominal, then why in Indonesia or more precisely in our own country such as not being appreciated or paid for UMR (the same as the hard work in Indonesia). then why is it like this?

Being a Programmer is so cool isn't it, we know that programmers are very difficult to reach that level, in the sense that not everyone is able to achieve it, it takes determination, intention and effort that is quite hard. I can say that programmers are not careless people in the sense that as a programmer I say genius, why do I say that? in order to master just one field, it needs a long period of time to achieve it (this does not include those that are easy to give up, in fact there are also many who surrender to this field because they cannot). Moreover, this programmer field has many fields. which means having to know a programming language that can be spelled out a lot: (

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