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The expression of feelings, heartache, even to the motivation is sometimes difficult to convey through oral. Poetry is one of the media to convey all the messages to be conveyed to someone. Where with the existence of poetry, the feelings that want to be conveyed can be poured out right through the beautiful and charming wording.

Poetry can be one picture of one's heart and mind towards something. The existence of this poem is one way for people who are difficult to tell verbally what they feel. With this existence of poetry we can express anxiety, happiness and everything that rages in the heart.

Poetry has a variety of goals, benefits, elements and unique poetry also has characteristics. Now, the presence of these characteristics can make the reader more aware of how the poem is. The characteristics of poetry are divided into two types, depending on the type of poetry. So there are special features for old poetry and new poetry. Here are some reviews of the characteristics of the poem.

Characteristics of Poetry

 Characteristics of Poetry

Poetry has distinctive characteristics and is a marker for people to easily know that the arrangement of words is poetry. Poetry generally has characteristics commonly known to everyone. The characteristics of poetry in general are as follows:

1. Consists of rows and stanzas

Poetry generally consists of rows and stanzas. Where the presence of rows and stanzas will make it easier for someone to understand the meaning of the poem. The presence of lines and stanzas can make poetry writing easier.

2. Dictation is a figurative word

Selection of diction is important when making poetry. Where diction becomes a thing that is highlighted and usually has its own meaning. The choice of diction in poetry is commonly used as a figurative word to beautify the composition of poetry.

3. Selection of rhymes considered

Poetry in poetry must also be considered because it can affect the beauty of poetry when read. Choosing the right poem can make poetry more comfortable and comfortable to read and understand the reader.

4. Groove is not so highlighted

In writing poetry, usually the flow of poetry is not so highlighted. Likewise with the setting background and the characters told in the poem are not so reviewed. Poetry usually focuses on the expressions that want to be conveyed to the reader, not highlighting the flow.

A. Characteristics of Old Poetry

 Characteristics of Old Poetry

One type of poetry is old poetry. Where old poetry is a poem that is still bound by a variety of rules that must exist in the component of poetry that will be written. So the old poem has more rules. In old poetry also has special characteristics so that the presence of the characteristics of this old poem can facilitate the reader. Here are some of the characteristics of old poetry:

1. Bound number of rows, rhymes, rhythms, diction, and intonation

In accordance with the explanation of the understanding of old poetry which mentions that old poetry is still bound by many rules. This can be one of the characteristics of old poetry that can be easily guessed. Old poetry writing must still pay attention to existing rules. So the writing of old poetry is more binding than the other poems.

2. Author's name is not included

The author's identity is usually not shown in the old type of poetry. So it is difficult to know whose old poet the poet is. This became one of the distinctive shades of old poetry which did not include the name of the author.

3. Permanent and cliched language style

The style of language found in old poetry usually tends to be stable and permanent. So the habitual style from beginning to end tends to be the same. In addition, the style of language used is a cliched language style so that its meaning is easily known.

4. More fantastic and istanasentris

The contents of old poems usually often tell fantastic things and tend to instanasentris. So telling things that are more inclined to fantasy castles, etc.

5. More referred to as oral literature

Old poetry was known by the community because it was widely disseminated by word of mouth and could be used as learning material in school lessons.

B. Characteristics of New Poetry

 Characteristics of New Poetry

Another type of poetry is new poetry. Where new poetry is poetry that is more modern and not bound by certain rules. New poet writers have more freedom to tell and use various sentences to make new poems. This is because new poetry is not bound by rules like old poetry. Here are the characteristics of the new poem you need to know:

1. The author's name is included

Unlike the old poem which anonymizes the author's name, while in the new poem the author's name is still included. So that we easily know who the poem was created by.

2. Dynamic language style

The style of language used in new poetry tends to be dynamic and can change according to the wishes of the author. So that this style of language is easier to use and adapted to the wishes of the author.

3. Not bound by rows, rhythms, and rhymes

New poetry can be said to be more modern poetry because it is not bound by rows, rhymes and rhythms it has. So that new poetry is more flexible.

4. Contains life

Generally, new poetry tells stories about life so that the composition of sentences used is easy to understand in everyday language. New poetry is closer to the lives of its readers because it often contains stories of life.

Well, by knowing the characteristics of poetry, we will more easily recognize the wording whether poetry or not. Thus we can learn new things about the characteristics of poetry so that it will not be wrong to conclude and find poetry when getting questions or assignments like that. Hopefully this article is useful to be used as reference information about poetry.

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