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Change the Shape of the Writing (Font Style) in the Whatsapp Application

Changing the Shape of the Font Character Text Style Fonts on the Whatsapp Messenger Application on Android smartphone. Hello, blogger guys wherever you are on this occasion the admin will give you a few tips and tricks on how to change the fonts of fonts in whatsapp to be more interesting.

If you are bored with the appearance of whatsapp like that, maybe the following trick is mandatory You try to make your whatsapp conversations a little more colorful. actually whatsapp itself does not provide a feature to change the font style, but we can do it using the font maker application. then try to apply it to whatsapp.

Now for the application you can actually search for yourself on google, here the admin will provide one application that can create and transfer directly the writings that have been created into WA that you have, without having to bother copying and copying it although in this application also provides copy paste features.

Besides this application also does not provide a lot of style or font choices, but if you intend to beat your friends then you should follow the short guidelines below:

How to Change Writing Form (Font Style) in the Whatsapp Application

1. Because we need an application to create a style of writing then please install the application first Cool Text Styles & Stylish Fonts characters maker or you can click the link HERE .

2. Okay if you have downloaded and installed it into your android, each of the next steps please open the application

3. just press the button start then lets begin

4. please type the word or sentence you want, then select a category or font type, continue by pressing the copy button or you can also directly forward it to Whatsapp.

5. Finish

That's how to change the shape of the writing (Font Style) in the Whatsapp application, hopefully this information can be


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