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Causes of Instagram Accounts That Are Followed

Why Instagram account I follow my own person what causes and explanations how kok can be like that. Hello buddy blogger meets again with the code whiz admin. Well on this occasion admin will try to share a little trick to how to overcome our Instagram who sometimes follow yourself people who ga we know. Before we go on the topic of discussion it's good first we understand the causes and reasons why your Instagram account suddenly start to own people. (19659003) The Cause of Instagram Accounts That Followed "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 126 "data-original- width = "534" height = "148" src = "https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-pqz1aa0Em3k/WxPpR7U02SI/AAAAAAAADXs/LuFkhU9t4TIZH4A19kVMmDgUK1Iz8LKiwCLcBGAs/s640/Cause%2BAkun%2BInstagram%2BYang%2BFollow%2BSendiri.png" title = "Causes of Instagram Instant Following Account" width = "640" /> Instagram Arriving Arrived Following Self

Maybe you are confused about this.You may ask if my ig account is hacked by someone else. the sign is at the time of friends open Instagram.Here you see the following value is greater than the value of followersnya .. or in other words every day there are people we follow.padahal you yourself never follow that person.

Obviously you. definitely prejudiced wa Instagram account you have been opened by someone. But we must be confused who will play my Instagram. Though no one knows the username email and password Ig account that we have.

From here it is clear. This question refers to Instagram already taken over by others. Yes, that's the way it is, but you should know the pattern of how a person can have login / login rights to your Ig. While we are sure there is no one who knows the username and password of our ig account.

Here's the pattern

You must know .. without username and password we can still log into our Instagram account. Why how can i do ??

With access token.

All Instagram accounts have access token names. The access token function is the same with the function of access rights to an account, so if the access token has been obtained. Then it's the same as you already know the username and password of an Instagram.

Access tokens are generally divided into two:

  • Access token expired (there is a period and validity period)
  • Access token permanent (No time limit) [19659014] Access token expired

    Access token type has a deadline period. I used to know before the Instagram algorithm change can be used for one month. Do not know if the current algorithm. Access token of this type will not apply when the time is up. In other words we have to get or generate new access token again if you want to use it.

    Access token permanent

    Access token of this type is very difficult to get .. this type of typet is usually widely used web web developer based company. Usually access token is purchased directly to the Instagram. The process is also very complicated. Large companies usually have to establish cooperation with the Instagram. Only then will I get a permanent license.

    I say difficult above does not mean can not be obtained. Many great people even know how to get access to your Ig. Remember the expression above the sky there is still the sky. Here's how this technologically sophisticated technological world system works. Anything can happen. For that be careful in using social media that you have. Do not get tempted by the invitation that ultimately misleads you.

    Why should there be access token?

    Perhaps for those of you who are unaware of the world of IT may definitely think why there must be access token. Why ga made permissions only username and password.

    Social media created for one purpose to facilitate all purposes. The purpose here is not just for the purposes of the user only. But the need for web application development and others must also be considered. That is why access tokens in Instagram can be born. So here we can conclude that the username and password created for the purposes of all Instagram users around the world. And access tokens are created for the purposes of the developers or web developers.

    Both are either tickets or permissions to enter or login to an Instagram account you have.

    Where do they get access token Instagram me?

    Maybe you are confused and start asking questions. How do they get my Instagram access token. Here I will describe 3 ways to get access to social media token you have

    1. The trick is very easy. By sending a link to you and then when the link is accessed through Instagram that is logged in then booom instantly access token you have got

    2. Have you ever downloaded the app? Yep you must have encountered an application that requested to register first application can be used.karna The application is a favorite application. Or the application that really you really need. Inevitably we have to register. Fill in the identity. Or if you do not want to bother you can list with Facebook or your Instagram account. At registration that is the process of crafting access token begins.

    3. Hacking technique. This way I also do not know exactly. How to get it. But in some cases I heard it could in an instant get access token just capitalize a script and take advantage of some bugs from Instagram.

    Then where if the source of the cause of Instagram account I can suddenly follow the others themselves?

    As I have said above. The source of the problem of why your account can suddenly follow other people's account by itself is the impact of the use of third-party applications. Third-party applications are a lot to the point you may not realize that you have used the application.

    To check it you can go directly to the settings menu in Instagram then search panel Authorized apps if there is a lot of installed there then that is the source of the problem.

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<td class= Third Party Applications Installed In Your Instagram Account

    For complete way of resolving it please read this article:

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    Thus information about the cause of the reason why Instagram account you have can suddenly follow other people automatically. Hopefully this information can be understood. So and thanks: D


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