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Causes, Impacts & Forms [LENGKAP]

Definition of Corruption

In general, corruption is a despicable act. Because the act of corruption is an act of misuse of public duties for personal gain. Where corruption is very disturbing to the community because the things that are corrupted are involving the community.

Cases of corruption have been determined as criminal acts because they can harm various parties. Corruption is usually done to get a higher position or position.

 Understanding Corruption According to Experts

In addition to the general understanding of Corruption, there are also some experts who explain the meaning of Corruption, as follows:

According to Alatas corruption is an act of theft committed through deception to betray trust. This corruption is a form of immoral action from the urge to get something by using methods of fraud and theft. Forms of corruption can be in the form of nepotism and autogenic corruption.

According to Brooks, corruption is an act done intentionally in making a mistake or in other words neglecting a task known as an obligation, or without personal benefits.

According to Robert Klitgaard corruption is an act of conduct that deviates from official duties in his position. Where this deviation is done to gain status or money for personal gain. Robert Klitgaard states that corruption can be seen from the perspective of an administration in a country .

According to Jose Veloso Abueva, corruption is an act that uses state wealth to enrich itself. Wealth intended is money, state property or opportunity.

According to Philip, corruption is a behavior and action of an official or state employee who deviates from formal public duties. This is done to get personal benefits, or benefits for certain people related to the perpetrators of corruption, such as family, friends, relatives and corrupt friends.

According to Anwar, corruption is an abuse of trust for personal gain.

Causes of Corruption

 Causes of Corruption

Corruption can be caused by various things and events. So to understand it you can use some additional references to the causes of corruption. The following are some of the causes of corruption that often occur:

  • The nature of greedy officials. Greedy is indeed the main cause of corruption cases. Because of greed, someone can want all the assets to be their only.
  • The example of the leader does not exist. A leader who is not exemplary can also be one of the causes of corruption, because as if the leader does not care about the conditions being faced and allows corruption cases to occur.
  • Ineffective supervision. The ineffectiveness of state supervision of employees or state officials can also be one of the causes of corruption.
  • PNS Salary Compensation is low. This is because the salaries received by civil servants are still considered low so that they are not enough to fulfill their needs.
  • The system of state administration is wrong. This state administration system needs careful and detailed assessment so as to minimize the existence of corruption cases.
  • Penalties for minor corruptors. Because the sentence is given lightly, the corruptor usually does not deter from the actions he takes. So that there needs to be appropriate legal action to be able to give fear to corruptors for their actions.

Impact of Corruption

 Impact of corruption

Corruption is an activity that greatly affects human life. So you need to be vigilant if there are acts of corruption committed around you. For that you need to understand some of the effects of corruption that can occur as follows:

  1. Impacts on social and community poverty, as follows:
  • Prices of services and public services will increase
  • Access that can be obtained by society will be very limited
  • Crime rates in Indonesia will increase
  • People's poverty is increasing and difficult to alleviate
  1. Impact on the economy, [1945955] as follows:
  • Productivity decreases
  • services are getting lower
  • State income from tax sector decreases
  • State debt increases
  1. Impact on state defense and security, as follows:
  • Violence in society will increase and strengthen. This is because there are many impacts that have an impact on people's lives
  • State lines will weaken
  • Armament and human resources in the field of defense and state security will weaken and fewer
  1. Impact on politics and democracy, [1945955] as follows:
  • People's sovereignty can be threatened and can have devastating effects
  • Owners of capital will become more powerful and their political system will strengthen
  • Public trust in democracy can disappear, because of corruption cases
  • becoming corruptors will be found
  1. Impacts on the environment, [1945955] as follows:
  • Quality of life of the people will decline
  • Environmental quality in society will also decrease
  1. Impact on law enforcement, the following:
  • The function of the government will lose its stability so it won't n goes well
  • Public trust in the government can disappear, and has an impact on the community to be indifferent and unwilling to listen to the government, because they feel betrayed

Forms of Corruption

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The following are some of the forms of corruption that are often carried out:

  • Bribery, is an action to change errors to become invisible. In other words so that the corruptor does not get the punishment that should be because they have given to the parties concerned to cover up their mistakes.
  • Darkening, is a kind of theft of money and other objects by involving someone who is entrusted with safeguarding goods or these objects.
  • Extortion, is an act of threatening someone so that they get what they want.
  • Abuse or abuse, is an action that is not in accordance with what should be done according to responsibility , rights and obligations.

Now, by knowing various information about corruption, it is expected that you can increase your awareness of the rights and obligations that you must do. around you. so that you can better understand the real situation and conditions at this time. Hopefully this article will be useful for you.

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