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Causes, Impacts & Examples (Complete)

Understanding Cyberbullying globally

Bullying is a form of oppression that can occur to anyone and anywhere, but usually occurs in children in the school environment and in adults in the environment workplace. Children perpetrators bullying at school are usually children who are less morally educated, receive insufficient attention / affection from their parents, or come from environments that are less supportive of their personality development.

Actors bullying in the workplace environment usually occurs because the culprit has a personality disorder or someone's inability to control his negative emotions. Bullying can also occur in cyberspace such as social media chat rooms or online discussion forums . Bullying in cyberspace of this kind is termed as cyberbullying .

An oppression event can be referred to as bulllying if there are three (3) subjects, namely . bully (bully), victim (victim bully ), and bystander (people other than the two subjects mentioned). Because generally the behavior of bullying is closely related to the behavior of shaming that is shaming victim in front of many people. Different cases if only two people fight, this is called a fight. Or someone who attacks without involving others, this is called attacking or challenging fighting.


Terminology and understanding cyberbullying is not new, because in essentially the concept of cyberbullying is not much different from the concept of bullying the difference is only in terms of the media. Cyberbullying is easily recognizable by the way the perpetrators arrange words when interacting in dialogues chat sentence structure, or from uploaded images / videos as publications. Cyberbullying can be done openly, implicitly / connotatively, or by hiding identity (anonymity).

Social media is designed as a medium of interaction and building social relations between users within the social media interface. Because it can be said in behavior cyberbullying contained tendencies or motives are not normal, because there is no element of building social relations there, but anti-social. These abnormal motives, partly because the perpetrator feels 'satisfaction' when oppressing others who look weaker than himself, or just want to feel superior to others as a form of emotional escape from feelings of powerlessness in the real world. Anonymity allows perpetrators cyberbullying to carry out bullying without 'being caught'.

Cyberbullying generally shaped as trolling or parasitic porn Trolling is a form of online disruption that is disgraceful and provocative in public or group. Parasitic porn is a suggestive picture or video that refers to sexual behavior that is uploaded and distributed on public, group, or private social media.

Why a bully commits Cyberbullying


Causes bullying from the perpetrators side:

1. Personal problems with himself

One of the triggers of behavior bullying is an internal problem from the inner side of the perpetrator's psychology. In school children the cause can be due to fights in the home environment, in adults at work the cause can be due to contention with a partner. Because of these problems the perpetrators feel helpless, then take it out by way of bully .

2. Revenge misdirected

Some perpetrators bullying have actually been victims of bullying . A bully would oppress people around him with the aim of releasing his frustration with the behavior of bullying that he had received from pem 1945 bully from a different social environment.

] 3. Jealousy toward victims

Perpetrators harbor feelings of jealousy towards victims for some reason. It could be jealous because of material problems or other advantages in the victim, so that consciously or not, the perpetrators commit acts of intimidation to the victim, one of them by bullying .

4 Lack of empathy

In some cases, perpetrators bullying basically have a personality disorder called Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) this is a psychiatric condition where one constantly feels thirsty for the attention of those around him. NPD sufferers naturally have very little empathy for others, therefore they often carry out anti-social acts, including bullying .

5. Difficult to control emotions

Actors find it difficult to control emotions of anger and easily provoked material because of a small matter. The angry feeling that manifested itself was manifested in his snarling and authoritarian habits. People around him will see people like this as angry, especially for those who are victims of bully .

6. Dysfunctional family history

Not all children born and raised in dysfunctional families / broken home grow into bully bully . However, the fact is that most bully grew up in families that lacked the value of affection, and often saw the aggressive attitudes of their parents towards those around them.

Causes bullying of victim side:

1. Physical appearance

The most common cause of cases of bullying is physical deficiencies in victims, such cases often occur in the environment of children or adolescents. If a child has prominent physical deficiencies, bully feels he has material to intimidate the child.

2. Racial differences

Racial differences are often the cause of a victim being targeted bullying . This can happen because victims are considered to be in the minority group. Bullying for this reason also often occurs.

3. Sexual orientation

Someone claimed to be involved with LGBT issues ( Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender ) is usually the subject of teasing by friends who feel more normal. For a bully bully victims with LGBT issues are easy targets.

4. Seemingly weak

Bullying because of this reason many occur among children. Children who are seen as not willing to fight will be considered weak and timid, so that they are often used as monthly items by perpetrators bullying .

5. Seem difficult to get along with

Children who are difficult to get along with can also be easy targets bullying because they have few friends. Weaknesses in social terms are seen by bully as an opportunity to dominate it. bullying groups also tended to potentially bullying against weaker groups

6. Uncommon error

Victim has made an uncommon error, and the memory of the incident is made a source of reproach and ridicule for bully bully .

Impact Cyberbullying for victims


As traditional bullying cyberbullying could have a negative psychological impact on their victims. Some of the negative impacts include the following.

1. Fear

Victims feel insecure around bully or people related to bully . This concern can cause the victim to be unable to think and act normally. His behavior is controlled by his fear, as a result he cannot undergo his activities properly.

2. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD generally occurs in victims of traffic accidents. However, in the case of bullying victims could reach a stress level at this level if bullying bully continued to oppress for a long period of time.

3. Anxiety ( anxiety )

The result of this constant fear, finally anxiety arises, the victim feels no optimism in living her days. Every time the victim is overshadowed by feelings of worry and insecurity even though he is around people who give him a sense of security.

4. Depression

The nadir of fear, stress, and anxiety was depression. Depression is described as a hollow mood, without motivation, the mind is unable to think clearly, continues to experience uncontrolled anxiety. Depressed people are unable to enjoy anything. In some cases in the United States, victims who experience depression due to bullying bully or cyberbullying finally decide to commit suicide.

Examples of Cases in Indonesia and the United States


To better understand the understanding of cyberbullying we need a case example. Cases of cyberbullying which were viral in Indonesia are usually caused by errors of the victim side cyberbullying themselves, and often victims were over-bully . Not infrequently we hear the news of artists in bully verbally on social media and national news because of certain mistakes, and the news keeps rolling for months and made a lot of memes by the people irresponsible people.

While cyberbullying due to factors other than that, less attention or less public attention. Cases of cyberbullying which were more urgent to be discussed, which can be taken as a lesson, even escaped the focus of the media spotlight.

Like video beatings and persecution that were shared on social media and messenger to frighten victims bully in the video, only a few were raised to the public information media. Such behavior is arguably bully layered, because the perpetrators commit bullying in the real world as well as the virtual world. In fact, what happened was that his friends seemed embarrassed to defend the victim, and they silenced him for fear of being treated equally by the perpetrators.

Following is the case cyberbullying which had a viral presence in Indonesia.

1. Florence Sihombing (2015)

Florence was bully by netizens because they did not want to queue at gas stations in the Jogja area, then post a status that contained words that insulted the name of Jogja. Some time after being bombarded by insults and bully of netizens, Florence finally apologized to all netizens in general and to the Governor of Yogyakarta. However, bully towards him did not necessarily stop.

2. Sonya Depari Sembiring (2016)

The video recording of Sonya cursing the policewoman who got his ticket was viral in 2016. As a result, Sonya was suddenly famous, but in a bad connotation. Some netizens were furious to see Sonya's behavior on the video recording, then launched a relentless insult that eventually became a bombardment bully verbally against him. The day after the viral video, Sonya's father suddenly had a stroke and died because he was not strong enough to see his daughter cornered by such netizens.

Following is the case cyberbullying which had a viral presence in the United States.

1. Rebecca Sedwick (2013)

Rebecca experienced bullying which caused her to have to change schools. However, the unpleasant treatment did not stop, even in the new school he always got bad treatment from his friends.

He often gets electronic messages that describe hatred and suicidal urges. Previously he survived one year from cyberbullying before he finally depressed and committed suicide.

2. Daniel Briggs (2014)

Daniel experienced bullying for years before he finally committed suicide in 2014. Many attempts have been made by Daniel himself, his parents, and his teacher to stop the behavior of his school friends who his bully . However, the results were zero, shortly before suicide, through social media Daniel was encouraged by one of his bullies to commit suicide, and he actually did it out of desperation.

That is the explanation of the understanding of cyberbullying and its causes, effects and examples. Hopefully this article is useful and easy to understand!


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