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Tutorial on How to Flush DNS on Windows 7, 8 and 10

Before we discuss Flush DNS further, it would be good to know what DNS is. DNS (Domain Name System) is a system that stores information about the names of hosts or domains in the form of scattered databases [distributed database] in computer networks. For example: internet. DNS functions to translate …

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How to Overcome Not Responding Programs in Windows Without the Task Manager

At any given time, our laptop has experienced the Not Responding Program especially when we open several applications at the same time. This certainly makes us feel annoyed because the work has been disrupted, not to mention the waiting time to respond back is very long so that many users …

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2 Ways to Check Processor on Android Accurately

Smartphones are basically similar to computers that have several important components to operate, including Processor / CPU (Central Processing Unit), Memory RAM (Random Access Memory), Internal and External Storage (memory storage, or GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) The component really determines the price of a gadget. The processor is the brain …

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How to Manage App Permission on Android Easily

Maybe you are wondering what is the App Permission. What is App Permission? App Permission comes from English which means Application Permission. When you install an application on Android, it is usually automatically notified to allow access to your cellphone. Like permission to access the camera, contacts, location, etc. The …

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How to Change the Default "New Folder" When Creating a New Folder

What is a folder? Folders are a place to store various files, such as data documents, or systems. You can store anything in a folder, both music, videos, documents, etc. On computer devices, folders are usually represented by yellow map icons. Folders can help to archive several scattered files. You …

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10+ Best PDF Reader Applications for Android Phones (Latest 2018)

For those of you who are office students and workers you may often meet PDF format files, be it digital books papers, magazines, documents, etc. Many people choose to use PDF because This format provides many conveniences and advantages, including easy creation, maintained visual display of documents, flexibility with various …

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