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Scouts or Praja Muda Karana are one of the organizations that are obligatory and sure to exist in every school in Indonesia ranging from the elementary school to the upper secondary level even in the world of education. used in terms of non-formal education. This one organization is education in …

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MINANGKABAU Traditional House & Characteristics + Image [LENGKAP]

As we know Indonesia is a country that is very rich in its natural resources and its culture. In each region, surely we can find the uniqueness of the area which is a valuable asset for Indonesia, one of which is a traditional house. If yesterday I discussed Maluku traditional …

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These are the 6 most expensive gaming monitors in the world that must be used by gamers

When we call a gaming computer, our mind is always aimed at very high computer specifications. Be it a processor, computer RAM VGA Cards, and hard disks are the most important components when mentioning a gaming computer. Indeed there is nothing wrong with that, however, there is one part again …

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Extend C Drive (System Partition) in Windows 10 with iSumsoft Cloner Software – iSumsoft

”Can I expand the space on my C drive in Windows 10 without losing any data? Some time ago I installed the operating system and some new game software, applications. Since everything is by default in the C drive, the system drive, it is where the system’s bootable files are …

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Here are 7 Ways to Choose a Laptop for Programmers that are Suitable for use

For some laptops maybe just one item that is quite luxurious and not too valuable. However, for a programmer, the presence of a laptop is very important and become a mandatory item. Laptop or computer for programmers like a stethoscope what a doctor uses or a calculator for an accountant. …

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How to overcome an authentication error Error Has Occurred the Function Requested is Not Supported

Some Windows users might experience it problem An Authentication Error Requested the Function Requested is Not Supported This error appears when we try use the Remote Desktop Connection between two Windows computers. What caused an error An Authentication Error Has Occurred the Function Requested is Not Supported appears ? Based …

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