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This Understanding IP Address and Its Function for Computer Network

In a computer or internet network, you will get to know the term IP Address. This IP Address is one of network protocols which is important so that you can access the internet with any device you have, be it computers, laptops, smartphones, or other internet-based devices. All that raises …

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How to Install Linux Mint for Beginners (Complete + Image)

In this article, I will explain the steps or tutorial how to install Linux Mint. Linux mint is an Operating System (OS) Linux distribution on the basis of Debian and Ubuntu. Linux Mint itself has a different look with Ubuntu, where desktop display is more user friendly for Windows users …

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How to Backup Whatsapp on HP Android with Ease (Latest 2018)

Whatsapp is a chat app familiar to users smartphones worldwide. This cross platform messaging application enables its users to exchange messages by capitalizing on internet . That way, of course Whatsapp free from the cost of pulse is not like sending SMS. In addition to text, as for messages that …

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2 How to Backup BBM Chat Quickly and Easily! (Newest 2018)

Backup chat is usually needed to prevent deletion of chats. Whether it's text interaction, audio, photos, or video, which you will need at any time. The term backup can also be interpreted as a backup file, so files can be returned if accidentally deleted. Some apps chat also provides a …

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6 Types of Routing Computer Network Protocols

Routing protocols are protocols in computer networks used to broadcast and study the connected networks and study the available network paths. With routing protocols, different routers can exchange information between one router and another router and get the most efficient routing route to destination. Types of routing protocols vary, including: …

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Review: Easeus Partition Master, Very Many Tools

Easeus Partition Master – In this article I want to review a useful software to manage storage on a computer. Actually similar tools already by default are available almost in every operating system, as in windows there is Disk Management, in Ubuntu Linux there is GParted, etc. It's just that …

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