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Benefits, Objectives and Examples of AMDAL [LENGKAP]

Definition of EIA EIA stands for Environmental Impact Analysis. AMDAL is a formal study process that is made to estimate the impact of planned project activities on the environment and aims to ensure the existence of environmental impact problems that need to be analyzed. According to PP No. 27 of …

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LAMPUNG Traditional House along with its Characteristics + Image [LENGKAP]

Lampung is one of the main destinations to be occupied by immigrants in the New Order era. So that in Lampung has a variety of tribes from several regions, namely the Balinese, Javanese and Lampung Sundanese. But even though the various civilizations of the people of Lampung, of course, still …

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What is meant by social interaction? Understanding of social interactions can be interpreted as the relationship between humans based on a prevailing norm and value. In an interaction, it is found that a condition for social interaction should be fulfilled. In this case, it has become a characteristic and the …

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8 Tips for Choosing Quality Gaming Laptops at Lean Prices!

Today, many people use laptops to play games. We often encounter various types of gaming laptops in several computer stores. Usually gaming laptops have a relatively expensive price with specifications that can be said to be suitable for playing games. Through the following article, I will share tips on how …

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