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How to Take Good Care of Your Android Phone Battery – iSumsoft

Who doesn’t have close relationship with android phone battery in our daily life? The battery palys an important and indispensable role in countless android phones or laptops. So to say, if you don’t look after your android phone battery every day, you’ll soon find that your android phone will run out of power …

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Microsoft Is Charging For HEIF & HEVC Media Extensions Available In Store

When you open a HEIC picture file for the first time in the default Photos app in Windows 10 version 1803, the Photos app displays “Install additional codecs to work with this file” message along with “Download codecs at Microsoft Store” link. HEIF and HEVC Media Extensions for Windows 10 …

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iPhone Battery Draining Fast, How to Improve Phone Battery Life – iSumsoft

Mobile phones have gradually become an independent part in our life. A mobile phone is like a friend who has always been associated with us. Without a friend, we naturally feels uncomfortable with panic. When people go out while the phone power is low, they will lose their sense of security. …

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Some Bad Habits that Make Your Phone Unsafe – How to Avoid? – iSumsoft

With the continuous development of technology, the popularity and functions of mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful. People use mobile phones can be social, entertainment, payments, which has become a part of people’s life. At the meantime, mobile phone security has become a large problem that cannot be ignored. We all know that …

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