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How to Judge If Your Computer is Infected by Virus or Malware – iSumsoft

There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering that your computer has a virus and that you haven’t backed up all your data. No one wants to have a computer infected with a virus. This is why we form the good habit of protecting the security of the computer at ordinary times as well as it …

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8 Reasons that Android Phone vs iPhone, Which One Would You Choose? – iSumsoft

With the development of economy and the progress of social modernization, people’s quality of life is getting higher and higher. Once the existence of the mobile phone is an almost unimaginable, but now, mobile phone has become a necessity in people’s life, such as making phone calls, surfing the Internet, taking photos, …

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Disable Autoplay Videos In Edge Browser In Windows 10

While browsing the Internet, we often come across websites that automatically start playing videos with sound. Apart from being annoying, these autoplay videos consume your data as well (matters a lot for users who are on mobile broadband). These videos are usually placed in the sidebar. On some websites, videos …

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Is There Any Need to Set Boot Password for Your Home Computer? – iSumsoft

The birth of computer has promoted the rapid development of our science and technology. Computers are now a necessity for everyone. Computers have brought us a lot of convenience both for our daily use at home and for our office. Each of us likes to keep our privacy on our computers, such as saving …

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Are You Aware of Some Wrong Region about Charging Phone? – iSumsoft

Nowadays, mobile phones can be said to be a necessity for us to carry with us, so it has become a must-do thing to charge our mobile phones every day. Sometimes we can just pick up the charger and charge it casually, in fact, most people are wrong about charging methods, which not only …

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