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How to Remember Password Instead of How to Reset Password – iSumsoft

Password is an indispensable part of the lives of most people, it’s the key to your life. Whether it unlocks your email account, computer or smartphone, the password is vital to your online persona, the usernames, website accounts, perhaps banking and credit cards, cloud storage, and even gaming accounts. Are …

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How To Restart The Audio Driver In Windows 10

There is a built-in sound troubleshooter in Windows 10 which is pretty good in diagnosing and fixing common sound issues. When you are experiencing sound issues, you should run the sound troubleshooter (Settings app > Update & security > Troubleshoot) before doing anything else. If the troubleshooter fails to diagnose …

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How to Create a Windows Password Reset Disk with an Android Phone – iSumsoft

As most of you know, if you forget Windows user login password and can’t log on to your computer, you will need a Windows password reset disk to do password reset. Hence, it is necessary to learn some tricks of how to create a Windows password reset disk after forgetting the password? …

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Highlight Text In PDF Document Using Edge Browser In Windows 10

Microsoft Edge browser supports opening PDF files since its introduction. In fact, Edge is the default PDF reader in Windows 10 and offers basic functionalities that you find in other web browsers. While reading a PDF document, you might want to highlight a sentence or word. For instance, you might …

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Windows Password, Power-On Password, HDD/SSD Password, or Bitlocker? – iSumsoft

Want to know which password is good? The following can be used to compare these five tips such as security aspects, performance impacts, easy-to-use, popularity degree, and cost to know which password is better to use, and of course depends on your situation. I wish you the best. Tip 1: Security aspects A comparison of security …

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