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3+ Ways to Know the Easiest Wifi / Router IP Address (100% Work)

In this article I will explain to you how to find out the wifi / router ip address very easily. In this article also presents in 3 ways, namely by using the command prompt Network Connections and Network & Internet Settings . The methods below are also considered very effective …

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How to Make Google Docs Online for Beginners (100% Successful)

Do you know the platform for creating and writing documents other than Microsoft Office? In addition to Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, there are also platforms that provide complete features like that, namely Google Docs. What is Google Docs? Google Docs is one of the free services from …

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2+ Ways to Update Google Play Service for Beginners (100% Successful)

Google Play Service is software or software available on Android that supports Android applications produced by Google, for example, such as Gmail, Google+, Google Play Store, and other applications produced by Google. You Need know that Google Play Service should always be updated because if not, Google Play Service becomes …

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2+ Ways to Delete a Messenger Account Without Troublesome! (100% Work)

Unlike other applications, Facebook has separated the Facebook application with the messenger application. As you already know, Facebook applications are often used to be able to browse timelines and news feeds, while the Messenger application is often used for someone communicating with how to send messages very practically. This is …

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8+ Balinese Traditional Houses and Their Characteristics + Image [LENGKAP]

Bali is a province in Indonesia, the capital of which is Denpasar. Bali is included in the small Sundanese province, which is now divided into three parts, namely Bali, West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara. Bali is famous as a destination for foreign tourists, especially Japanese and Australian tourists. …

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4+ Ways to Check Proven Laptop Battery Health (100% Accurate)

Battery is one of the things we must always monitor its status when using a laptop. Why? Because the battery is an important part of mobility. It's good that we have to understand and understand the health conditions of our laptop batteries in as much detail as possible. Conditions that …

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