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Function, Purpose, Type & Theory [LENGKAP]

Understanding Motivation Etymologically, motivation comes from Latin "movere " which means to move. In addition, there are also those who say that motivation comes from English "motivation" which can be interpreted as "inner power" or "encouragement." Thus, the notion of motivation is a the form of change that occurs in …

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4 Principles of Geography & Approach to Geography + Examples [LENGKAP]

Definition of Principles and Approaches to Geography As we know that geography is a field of science related to the surface of the earth. In addition, there are also those who say that geography is not only limited to the physical phenomena of the earth, but also discusses [19459999] the …

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6 SHORT STRUCTURE Along with Example + Explanation [LENGKAP]

Do you like to read short stories? That means you have understood the meaning of short stories to the writing rules. Short stories are short for short stories. As the name implies, short stories are written in less than 10,000 words. Basically, short stories are included in a fictitious type …

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Objectives, Characteristics, Structure, Types [LENGKAP]

Definition of Observation In general, Definition of Observation is an activity or research activity and observation of an object carefully and directly at the specified research location, and record all information systematically about the symptoms or conditions being studied. It can also be said that Observation is one method of …

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Objectives, Principles, Principles & Legal Basis

Definition of Regional Autonomy Literally, "regional autonomy" consists of the words "autonomy" and "region". In Greek, the word "autonomy" comes from two words namely autos and namos where autos means its own and namos [1945909] means rules or laws invited. Whereas, the word "region" means the unity of a legal …

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Definition, Function, Characteristics & Characteristics [LENGKAP]

Understanding Language Do you know what language means? Understanding language in general, which is a communication tool that must be owned by everyone, a language in the form of a system symbol of sound and origin from a utterance or human mouth. Not only that, some people also say that …

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