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5+ Characteristics of Nail Plants and Classifications & Types [LENGKAP]

Nail plants or commonly called ferns or ferns. In the English discussion these ferns are known as "fern". Nail plants are a group of plants that have a system in the true vessels or tracheophyta, even though these ferns do not produce seeds to breed. Because of the sexual reproduction …

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10+ Examples of EXPLANATION TEXT in Various Events [SINGKAT]

Do you know what explanatory text is? Speaking of explanatory texts is certainly a material contained in the Indonesian language lesson In the 2013 curriculum, explanatory texts became mandatory material for students to study, whether junior or high school. Compared to other types of text, explanatory texts are still relatively …

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10+ Causes of GLOBAL WARMING and their Impact [LENGKAP]

Global warming or global warming is a term that we hear very often. Based on existing research, the current temperature of our earth has experienced a fairly high increase. The increasing temperature of the earth will have a very detrimental impact on the life of living creatures on earth. We …

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How To Create Google Chromebook Recovery USB Drive

Is your Google Chromebook showing “Chrome OS is missing or damaged” error? Isn’t your Chromebook working properly? In this guide, we will see how to prepare a Google Chromebook recovery drive. The Chromebook recovery USB or SD card is useful when you want to reinstall the Chromebook’s Chrome operating system …

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Download the Latest IrfanView 2019 (Free Download)

Developer: Irfan Skiljan OS: Windows License: Freeware Size: 3MB Download IrfanView [19659008] – Although it looks simple, IrfanView is one of the most popular image viewer software. One feature is being able to open high-resolution photos quickly. In addition, the number of features it uses is also abundant, allowing you …

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Download the Latest Memu Android Emulator 2019 (Free Download)

Developer: Microvirt OS: Windows License: Freeware Size: 315MB Download the MEmu Android Emulator – MEmu is an emulator that is used to make it easy for PC system users to run various games found on Android Smartphones. Similar to emulators in general, MEmu Android Emulator will emulate Android Games so …

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