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5 Ways to Fix the Most Effective Damaged Play Store, Try It?

As we know Play Store is the official Android application from Google. This application must always be on every Android cellphone. In this application we can also download various applications that are very interesting and we can use for various activities. Because in this application we can download applications such …

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9 Characteristics of First Generation Computers and Examples

First generation computers were made around 1937. At that time the inventor who first created the computer concept was Charles Babbage. At that time he was able to create a machine which he called the Analytical Engine around 1882. After that, John V. Atanasoff appeared with a computer designed by …

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53 Components of Computer Components and Their Functions in Brief

Computers, a device that is currently widely used by people. Starting from students to workers often use this tool for everyday needs. However, have you ever really thought what are the components? For ordinary people and not too familiar with the world of computers may only know the outside, such …

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Here's how to make your own BBM PIN + Use BBM Custom PIN

BBM or Blackberry Massanger is one of the most popular chat applications. This application was previously released on a cellphone called Blackberry and was only created for the mobile phone so that mobile users can easily communicate with each other using BBM. This feature is a superior feature of the …

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6 Ways That Your Android Phone Doesn't Lose When Playing a Game, Has It Been Tried?

If you are a gamers, it is definitely the most annoying thing when you play a game that is a mobile that is slow or slacking. Indeed, at first when you bought a cellphone, the cellphone found no problems when you were playing a game. But over time, surely the …

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5 Ways to Take Care of an Android Battery To Be Durable and Durable, Has It Been Tried?

Batteries on Android phones are one of the most important components at the moment. Therefore, almost everyone who wants to buy a new handphone will definitely see the battery capacity on the cellphone. usually mobile phones that have long-lasting battery capacity are often the choice. The battery capacity on Android …

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