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10+ PETIC MUSIC TOOLS along with Pictures + Explanations [LENGKAP]

Indonesia is one country with a very diverse cultural wealth. Basically, every region in Indonesia has distinctive culture and arts, such as traditional clothing, traditional weapons, traditional houses and traditional musical instruments. So do not be surprised if many say that Indonesia is a country rich in culture. One culture …

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10+ Betawi Musical Instruments With Pictures and Explanations, You Know?

Betawi is a nickname or call to an ethnicity which in general we can see from its tone of voice. Speaking of Betawi, the Betawi tribe is one of the tribes in Indonesia whose majority population resides in Jakarta. Betawi has several fields of art, such as songs, dances, and …

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10+ MUSIC RITMIS TOOLS along with Pictures + Explanations [LENGKAP]

Musical instruments based on their functions are divided into 3, namely harmonious, rhythmic, and melodic musical instruments. Well, this time I will discuss the rhythmic instrument. Rhythmic instruments are musical instruments that have no tone. But, although it does not have a tone, rhythmic musical instruments are used as accompaniments …

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