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10+ MUSIC RITMIS TOOLS along with Pictures + Explanations [LENGKAP]

Musical instruments based on their functions are divided into 3, namely harmonious, rhythmic, and melodic musical instruments. Well, this time I will discuss the rhythmic instrument. Rhythmic instruments are musical instruments that have no tone. But, although it does not have a tone, rhythmic musical instruments are used as accompaniments …

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Netrunner Rolling 2019.04 Delivers A Manjaro Linux-based Polished Desktop

Netrunner Linux distro is available in two versions: Netrunner, which is based on the testing branch of Debian and Netrunner Rolling, which is based on Manjaro Linux. The developer team recently released the latest Netrunner Rolling 2019.04 snapshot, and you can download the 64-bit ISO file right away. What’s new in Netrunner …

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The Nintendo Switch Adapter lets you game with your wireless headset

Sometimes you don’t want a pesky headphone cord dangling between you and your Nintendo Switch while you’re pulverizing waves of fighters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. That’s why the Nintendo Switch Audio Adapter lets you use any Bluetooth headset you want. The result? You can enjoy the full immersive sound of …

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6 Functions of the Most Used Inkjet Printer

The printer is a printing machines of various kinds of documents from a file. The printer itself can You find in various places specifically printing a document. The printer also exists many kinds, from small printers to printers that are similar to a photocopy machine. Among all printers circulating in …

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Become a certified cybersecurity specialist for as little as $1

From attacks on major corporations and government bodies to police departments and hospitals, cybercrime is on the rise. That means more and more cybersecurity specialists are needed. You can learn the skills to fight these hackers. It won’t happen overnight — you really need to be certified to land the top roles …

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