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Linux Foundation launches LF Energy open source platform

Linux Foundation launches LF Energy open source platform Published on July 17, 2018 by Aaron Martin The Linux Foundation launched LF Energy, an open source platform that aims to expedite technological innovation and revolutionize the energy mix around the world, on Thursday. © Shutterstock Launched with support from Europe’s biggest …

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Cheap Bluetooth 5 phones are here with the MediaTek Helio A22

After a not-so-secret build up, MediaTek has officially unveiled a new addition to its smartphone chip portfolio — the Helio A series. Reflecting the company’s shift in focus to the fastest growing areas of the smartphone market, this isn’t a new high-performance flagship product. However, that doesn’t make it any …

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Success! 2 How to Unreg Registered Telkomsel Cards

In accordance with government regulations related to the use of SIM card which refers to the Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information Technology. 12 years 2016 ie starting on 31 October 2017 ago, the government requires that every SIM card user prepaid to register. Both as old and …

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Success! 3 How to Re-Register Telkomsel / simPATI Cards (2018)

As of its age, Telkomsel now has the highest number of users compared to other providers. In contrast to other services, Telkomsel is able to deliver a wide network of regional sectors throughout Indonesia. As the largest cellular operator, Telkomsel continues to put forward its customer satisfaction consistently. The services …

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Samsung Galaxy S10 may get ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor

A recent report suggests Samsung will include ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensors on its high-end devices next year. Ultrasonic sensors are able to produce a 3D image of a fingerprint. The in-display fingerprint sensors found in Vivo, Huawei, and Xiaomi devices use optical technology. A recent report has suggested that Samsung will …

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JerryRigEverything gives the Vivo Nex a cool see-through back

JerryRigEverything The Vivo Nex features a pop-out camera, but the mechanics are hidden. JerryRigEverything removes the painted glass backing to expose the phone’s internals. Some shielding is also removed to expose the camera module. The Vivo Nex is one of the most unique handsets on the market at the moment, thanks …

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