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Android Enterprise Recommended lists the best business phones

Buying phones for your employees can be tricky because of Android’s fragmentation and different tiers of hardware specs. Android Enterprise Recommended is a list of Google-approved smartphones that are perfect for employees. The list has 22 devices on it for now, with more coming over the rest of 2018. When …

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Snapchat responds to petition over hated update, but it could make people even angrier

Snap Inc. has responded to a widely-signed petition demanding it roll-back an unpopular redesign of its Snapchat mobile apps for iPhone and Android. In a post on the Change.org page signed by a staggering 1.25m users, Team Snapchat acknowledges the despised update — which had users scrambling to install previous versions …

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AT&T and T-Mobile to sell Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 laptops

Carriers worldwide will sell Qualcomm-powered Windows laptops These machines are always connected and have long battery life AT&T and T-Mobile are on board in the U.S. Qualcomm’s mission to deliver a new generation of PC hardware powered by Snapdragon processors received a huge boost today after carriers T-Mobile and AT&T …

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Qualcomm launches its AI Engine for its top Snapdragon processors

Most mobile Machine Learning (ML) tasks, like image or voice recognition, are currently performed in the cloud. Your smartphone sends data up to the cloud where it is processed and the results are returned to your device. However, the ability to perform machine learning tasks locally on your device, rather …

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