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deepin 15.8 Linux distribution available for download — replace Windows 10 now!

As more and more people wake up to the fact that Windows 10 is a giant turd lately, computer users are exploring alternatives, such as Linux-based operating systems. First impressions can be everything, so when searching for a distribution, it is important that beginners aren’t scared off by bewildering installers …

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Earbuds that let you take or give charge to smartphones

49101 49101’s Changer wireless earbuds are available for pre-order through Indiegogo for $89. The Changer wireless earbuds act as a mobile charger for headphones and other devices. Charging goes both ways; the Changer can also draw battery from a portable device to charge itself. 49101’s Changer headphones are available for …

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Even “bad” sci-fi movies can teach us something about emerging technologies!

The film Transcendence, is not a great movie. Yet this futuristic thriller, which stars Johnny Depp as a genius scientist who mind-melds with a supercomputer, provides surprising and sometimes startling insights into how future technologies are unfolding, and the moral and ethical challenges they potentially raise. In my new book …

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5 Ways to Fix the Most Effective Damaged Play Store, Try It?

As we know Play Store is the official Android application from Google. This application must always be on every Android cellphone. In this application we can also download various applications that are very interesting and we can use for various activities. Because in this application we can download applications such …

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Open Invention Network expands its patent non-aggression coverage in Linux system

Open Invention Network (OIN), a non-aggression patent community, announced an expansion in its patent non-aggression coverage by updating the freedom of action in a Linux System, last week. Patents provide organizations and individuals with the right to the invention and the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for …

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9 Characteristics of First Generation Computers and Examples

First generation computers were made around 1937. At that time the inventor who first created the computer concept was Charles Babbage. At that time he was able to create a machine which he called the Analytical Engine around 1882. After that, John V. Atanasoff appeared with a computer designed by …

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