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2 Ways to Find Find My Device on an Android Phone, Easy! (Newest 2018)

Smartphones have become part of people's daily lives and are very helpful for us in our activities. Smartphones are not new because until now smartphone users have mushroomed everywhere. Not only as a medium of ordinary communication, in a smartphone also stored various important or personal data such as files, …

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Why One Band Chose Linux To Record Their New Album

Thirteen years ago I was producing an indie music podcast called Insomnia Radio when Lorenzo’s Music stumbled across my radar. Their single “Hot Water Avalanche” was this appealing combination of loud percussion, rapid-fire lyrics, acoustic guitar and random death metal-style screams. This year our paths crossed again in an unexpected …

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Android Messages getting better, smarter conversation search functionality

Google is rolling out a new Android Messages feature designed to help users find previously shared content in conversations. The new section gathers images, videos, locations, and links previously shared in the chat. Competing messaging apps like WhatsApp typically allow users to find shared media and links already. Google is …

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4 Ways to Fix an Internet Connection on a Troubled Android!

The number of smartphone users has made famous companies compete to produce the most sophisticated products. This smartphone is clearly inseparable from human life especially with the internet. The term is useless, advanced cellphones but no internet quota. After the internet has been connected, users can access anything through the …

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3 Ways to Download YouTube Go (Application and Offline Video)

Do you like watching videos? Or the benefits of Youtube for you is as a medium of entertainment and information? However, you often have problems with internet connections that are less capable to watch videos? Or, your internet quota is not enough to quench your thirst for your favorite videos …

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