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Download the Latest Media Player Classic 2019 (Free Download)

Developer: MPC-HC Team OS: Windows License: Freeware Size: 15MB Download Media player classic – Media player classic is software that is used to play multimedia, audio and video files. Media Player Classic has a display that is relatively similar to Windows Media Player. Media Player Classic has a simple appearance, …

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Download the Latest Speccy 2019 (Free Download)

Developer: Piriform OS: Windows License: Freeware Size: 6.6MB Speccy Download [19659008] – Speccy makes it easy for anyone, especially computer technicians, to look at the specifications of a computer in detail. Unlike the Windows default feature that displays system information in a report format that seems as it is, Speccy …

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5+ Ways to Overcome Proven Not Responding Laptops! (100% effective)

Computers or laptops have become one of the technological devices that humans really need for everyday life. Laptops have many uses, they can work on college assignments playing games, office work, editing, internet, watching movies or movies, streaming online videos, etc. For laptop or computer users of course you are …

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3+ Ways to Check the VGA Laptop (VGA Specifications and Types) The Easiest!

Sometimes for some things, we need to know the specifications of our laptop / computer. For example, when we will run heavy applications such as games, video editors or images. It is important to know the capabilities of our laptop and to find out whether our laptop can run the …

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Download the Latest Winamp 2019 (Free Download)

Developer: Nullsoft OS: Windows License: Freeware Size: 8MB Download Winamp – Winamp is widely known as a music player software which simultaneously serves as the manager of multimedia files. Not only that, Winamp is also able to change the audio format and supports various online radios so that users can …

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4 Ways to Add Android RAM with the Application

Memliki Slow Android is certainly very annoying. Even though the smartphone needs now it's like everyday necessities. Several causes Lemot smartphone is quite diverse. One reason is RAM capacity small one. Ideally, the RAM capacity of a smartphone should touch at least 2GB to be able to run various activities …

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