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How to Remove Default Applications on an Android Phone (100% Effective)

Android default application (bloatware) is software that already exists by default from the manufacturer, which means that the application is from the user not the result. The disadvantages of this default HP application are that one cannot be removed because is a system application. In addition, the disadvantage is consuming …

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Understanding Safe Browsing and Its Benefits for Internet Users

Since we first got to know the internet we often hear the term computer viruses or internet viruses. Even before we try to learn we have been 'feared' by the specter of the term virus. Because in our analogy, the virus must be something that is not good, disturbing, damaging, …

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3 Ways to Quickly Check XL Axiata Credit (Latest 2018)

In this millennium era, pulses are very important and necessary. Why not? Credit can be used for SMS, telephone, or buying internet quota . When the credit runs out, of course you are looking for the nearest pulse counter to get it. Today there are many cellular operators in Indonesia. …

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3 Ways to Clean the DNS Cache on Android

Basically a domain name (for example: www.nesabamedia.com ) cannot be recognized directly by a web browser when the user requests to the internet. This is because the web browser only recognizes the IP address of the destination domain name. This DNS cache helped the web browser in recognizing the domain …

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Guide on How to Label Letter Envelopes in Microsoft Word (Neat)

Envelopes have become a vital requirement for an agency, because they are absolutely used to convey important letters and letters. The appearance of a neat envelope and design is equally important because it reflects the professionalism of the agency. Maybe in the past, when I wanted to send a letter …

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