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Advantages, Disadvantages and How it Works

With the rapidly evolving technology and information, so many new terms are emerging. One is a technology called Cloud Computing or in Indonesian terms known by the name Cloud Computing . Glossary Cloud or Cloud this is actually a depiction of the internet technology itself. Often we see an internet …

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How to Install Genymotion (Android Emulator) in Ubuntu Linux

Genymotion is one of the most popular Android Emulators to run / debug your android apps, and Genymotion is free. Most android developers use Genymotion during application development. If you do not want to test your app on your device, this tool is perfect for you. Features Genymotion Camera: Using …

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understanding microsoft word function and how to create a page

Until now there are still many people who do not know what is a microsoft word, so from that I took the initiative to create an article about understanding microsoft word and microsoft word function and some ways that can be followed by beginners to use the application. which is …

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2 Ways to Transform Video into MP3 Without Application (Latest 2018)

In this era of globalization, the role of multimedia can not be separated from everyday life. Starting from images, text, audio, video, animation and so forth. The rapid spread of information is evidence that multimedia plays an active role as an important spear for society in various aspects and fields. …

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4 Ways to Change Android IP for Free Access

Android is a popular mobile device used by today's society. With Android, people can now reach the internet more easily. This is evident in the number of Android users today more than any other mobile device. Well, just like accessing the internet on a computer or laptop, Android devices definitely …

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How to Create 2 Line Accounts in 1 HP Android (Complete + Image)

Who does not know social media chat named LINE? This social networking chat is one of the biggest chat application in Southeast Asia. To maintain its position, LINE is competing with similar chatting applications such as WhatsApp, BBM and so on continue to provide the latest product innovation efforts in …

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